Living in a Post-Christian Canada/USA/World - Need advice


If Christ is True Man and True God, then the Catholic view is the only unbiased view in creation. Sorry about the point of view that others have taught you.


Calm down. I dn´t agree with you, and yes, I got you. Your rome comparison is still wrong.
And to the post-christian thing…I doubt it fits on canada. How long do you need to drive to the next church?


But its not my point of view…

I’m talking about what’s happening in 2018.

the popular world is decisively anti-Christian! No?


Again, not my point! Alice, I think we need to agree to disagree. and that ok… :slight_smile:


If you are avoiding junk food, one still goes to the store you simply do not walk down that aisle.

Same for what passes for “news”, simply do not go down that click.


Agreed. Agreed.


You need your people. That’s how you do it. We have to live in this world and yet not be of this world. So even though you go to your work, you live as a citizen of your country, etc. you find “your people.” Your home base. If it’s not your family or your current friends, you find them. Not to share in a ragefest, but to relax and truly be you with them. To pray with them. To help each other. To refresh your soul before getting out there and doing it all again.


You sir are mistaken. How else can I get that through to you?


thanks! agreed.



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LOL! Ha! C-Span… love it.



I answered your question. Not sure what’s so “laugh out loud” about that


I found it funny… sorry. :slight_smile: In that you are right…


AP News


The news wire services.


^^ Seconded.


True, true…


I said my piece already.
I don’t sit around getting hung up on governments that are “of this world” . Caesar did a lot of rot too. Christ was more concerned with what the people around him were doing to love God and their neighbor today. I think that is a better and more productive focus than government this and society that.

If you’re determined to get all hung up on government and feel like a victim, I can’t stop you, I can only pray for you.

I’m exiting the thread now. Adios!


Ciao! Please do!


I think part of the problem is that depending on the workplace, if you have traditional / Christian values, you may be the odd one out. All the time. Which no one is saying is the same as persecution and death that some Christians face, but it’s not fun to be somewhere that you feel everyone is hostile to your values and your church, and they can be downright nasty about it. I was in a work meeting once, where two different people said things like "The Catholic Church is evil. I hate the Catholic Church’, and “I don’t understand how anyone could even be Catholic” (this last statement coming from a fallen-away Catholic, whose mom had been a religious Ed teacher). My boss was sitting there, heard it, and said nothing. I can only imagine what the reaction would have been if someone had said that about another religious group, or a protected minority. But it seemed so acceptable to Catholic-bash, no one batted an eye.


You are asking for advice but I’m not sure what you are looking for?

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