Living on Nothing but Food Stamps

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — After an improbable rise from the Bronx projects to a job selling Gulf Coast homes, Isabel Bermudez lost it all to an epic housing bust — the six-figure income, the house with the pool and the investment property.


Where is the body of Christ? What are His hands doing? I don’t understand how people…never mind.

We are in the same boat. However St Marys in Oswego NY has been a blessing to us.
I have a wife and four kids. I have been out of work since Feb of last year. My wife has a part time job at Price Choper. We have had a ton of help from both familys. they have keeped us in our house and helped fix the car. Yet it is not easy with both of our family in CA.

St Marys has been a home to us with Fr Richard and deacon Phill. Both holy men.
Fr Richard drops in with food about once a week. Deacon Phill has help us whin things needed fixing around the house. We could not make it without the family we have at St Marys in Oswego NY.

You are in my prayers.

Sounds like you are in the prayers of many good people. Your priest and the deacon are great exapmples of Gods love on display through others.

May God continue to bless you while you go through a tough time.

I do not think anyone in thier right mind likes or is comfurtable living off foodstamps, personaly I feel ashamed when I use mine because I know I could work if there were jobs available for me to work at.

One of the reasons I stopped identifying with the republican party is they were constantly putting us the poor of society down (trailer trash, drug addicted, alcohol swilling, baby breeding leaches) The Democrats on the other hand want us to kill our children before they are born to avoid this. Live off the government and be dependant on the hand outs that are designed to keep you in the system.

We need jobs and I don’t know how those jobs are created but the “smart” people up there need to start thinking of this before the people who do have jobs go down with the rest of us because they can no longer afford to both support those of us who can’t find jobs and thier own families.

Agreed. I was listening to Neil Boortz one day, he was going off on food stamps and people who are on them… (easy for a milionaire to be against food stamps)… anyway a father of 4 called up and said the same thing you just wrote… HE HAS 4 KIDS, he was in construction and things are bad right now and he needs the help. He was trying to say that he is ashamed but needs the help. Neil Boortz actually told him he should not have had 4 kids when he was a construction worker… bascially he was calling him an uneductated person who should not have had kids to begin with.

I will never listen to Neil Boortz again.

I have no problem paying taxes that go to help people in need. The waste and abuse in DC makes me furious. They spend millions on stupidity when people need jobs and help.

I looked down on people that used food stamps. Now I do.:frowning:

After 12 yrs of marriage and 4 kids, my husband became a heroin addict. I left him and am looking for a job. A 12 year job history of being a SAH homeschooling mama doesn’t look good on a job resume. My children need to eat. What else was I supposed to do? That guy Neil sounds like a real *ss. I love my four children. We will get through this with the help of God, the loving support of my family, and yes … food stamps.

Shouldn’t someone smart enought to become a millionare realize that seeing into the future belongs to God alone? I am always amazed when someone so called “solution” involves pointing a finger at a past decision without any indication of how to solve the problem in the present.

I crashed my car … “Well you shouldn’t have gotten in an accident.” There … now your life is all better!:smiley:

:DMy heart is with each and everyone of you. Things are bad and don’t seem to be getting better anytime soon. I will keep you all in my prayers and have one piece of advice to you. Its ALWAY"S worked for me:D. Just rely on God and know he is looking out for you.

I find myself thanking God more and more lately for what I have, not wanting more. The scripture about God taking care of the birds is what always comes to mind for me when I get anxious. Just remember if he can take care of a little bird think of how much more you mean to him. Things may be bad, and probally will be for awhile yet. But rely on his love and promise to take care of you. And I promise you when it is all over you will find yourself a better person in the end.

And remember he knows everything. He is looking our for you! Just keep saying Jesus I trust you!

There is nothing shameful in taking food stamps if one is in need of that. After all, the cop who protects your neighborhood is also paid out of public funds. So are the people who maintain the streets.

What irritates me is the claim many liberal-mind people make that somehow their party “cares for the poor”. I was born and raised a Democrat and held party office once. There really was a time, I believe, when that party did things for poor people. But that was a long, long time ago, measured in decades. Now, it’s just constituency-buying; middle class and corporate welfare. Perhaps the thing that infuriates me the most is that, in all this wild spending, no Democrat is even proposing that the neediest of all…those disabled needy on SSI should receive any improvement in their lot. About $600/month. That’s what the people who can’t do anything to improve their situation get. It’s an absolute scandal.

I would be described as “conservative” in a lot of ways. But when it comes to the truly needy, I absolutely believe there is a public obligation to provide it.

Haha Exactly!

I don’t listen to Neil Bortz, but many times people are taken out of context and this may be one of those cases. I think food stamps are good for people that need them and of course I am not happy if people scam the system. I doubt anyone really wants to go and get them if they don’t need them so abuse should be at a minimum. May God bless all of you to help find you a job in 2010. Prayers going up for you! gopray2:

But planning for the future is pretty basic. It’s more like saying, you should have had insurance so when you wrecked your car it wouldn’t have been such a financial burden. The problem is the people that plan for the future are also expected to care for those that only live in the present.

Sadly, he was NOT kidding. I have listened to him before… I actually kind of liked him. I am conservative as they come but I will never listen to Boortz again.

I was shocked at that conversation. The poor guy who called in just hung up.
Boortz kept going on and on about it. It was horrible. People who worked at grocery stores called in and were laughing at how fat the people on food stamps are … it was horrible.

The fact it was said or the fact that it is true?

The main disease of America’s poor is obesity.

Americans, poor and non-poor, live in large and spacious housing. Only 2 percent of America’s poor are overcrowded (defined as living with more than 1.5 persons per room). On average, America’s poor have 440 square feet of living space per person. This is more than the average citizen in Paris, Berlin, and London; nearly three times the average in the capitals of such nations as Poland and Mexico; and nearly seven times greater than the average in poor nations such as China and India.


Then there is the matter of hunger. Advocates tell us that 35 million Americans live in its grip. But government surveys don’t bear this out.

Asked if they have enough food to eat, 96 percent of Americans answer yes.

Around 3 percent say that they “sometimes” do not have enough to eat, and 0.5 percent say they “often” do not have enough. If we look just at the poor, 86 percent say their families have enough to eat, and only 3 percent say they often do not have enough.

The surveys also show that the diets of the poor and those of the middle class have a similar nutritional content. Poor children and middle-class children consume almost identical amounts of protein, vitamins, and minerals, in most cases well above recommended norms.

And if you want to see a telling contrast, look at the children’s height.

In truly poor countries, malnutrition keeps children from growing. The World Health Organization finds that 39 percent of children in Africa, and 47 percent of those in Asia, are stunted. Only 2.7 percent of poor American children fall below this low-height threshold-the normal level one would expect, given ordinary genetic variation.

The poor do, however, suffer from one major nutrition-related health problem: obesity. Within an American population tending remarkably toward the overweight, the poor are the heaviest. Medical journals report a growing epidemic of obesity among poor children. For example, a recent medical study of low-income black and Hispanic students in Central Harlem found a full quarter to be “obese,” and more than half of these to be “super-obese.” The doctors concluded that the nutritional problem seems “to have shifted from under-nutrition to over-nutrition.”

My grandsons and I work the local food-bank. Many of the people we know are in the lines and I know they would prefer to be working instead. Never never refuse the help you and your children need to make it till you get a job. Also maybe you need to go to someone that knows how to write a resume. I know of many skills that those of us that remained at home and homeschooled the kids have. There are many openings out there in the social services that might not pay the greatest but they do need your skills and ability to care for others.

Thank you for your kind words, Kathleen. I am following two leads for a job tomorrow. Hope, hope, hope … :slight_smile:

You are assuming that in this hypothetical situation the car was not insured and that the consequence was financial … otherwise I guess would I agree with whatever point you were trying to make.:confused: I was simply making the point that offering a “you should have” is NEVER a soltution, no matter what the problem …

For me, they were laughing at people who need help. I am talking about the 10% + people who are out of work and it will take at least a year now to find another job.
Those people arent fat people looking for free food as they lie around watching Jerry Springer.
There is alot of poeple in serious trouble right now and I just thought it was awful to laugh at people who need help. Those people have never asked for help in their life.

For the grace of God go I.

I got a job!! Just waitressing at a local restaurant but it pays more than zero…:smiley:

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