Living Rosary

I am currently building up a new Living Rosary Circle consisting of 20 people.

Members of the Living Rosary say one **allocated **decade of the Rosary each day

Full details here:

If you would like to join, please email me: Mary Ann at

Hi Karenanna,
thanks for sharing the info about your new Living Rosary association.

But I’m a little curious…may I ask something?
There is already a Universal Living Rosary Association of St. Philomena,
based in Dickinson, Texas, run by Mrs. Patti Melvin, and
consisting of over 11 million members worldwide.
Perhaps you have never heard of it?
Or, perhaps, is there a special reason for starting a new Living Rosary association?
God bless,

It is not a new association. It has been running since 1988, and was started independently of Patti Melvin. I do know Patti and about her wonderful work.

The Living Rosary that my family run has a different format to one that Patti runs.
The details of how we do this is detailed here:

Just to clarify my original post, The Living Rosary Circle that I am building at the moment is new, but I have been running a Living Rosary for over 23 years.
I did not know about Patti Melvin when I started the work.

Other Matters
Read my free on-line book about answers to prayer:

The book is regularly updated with additional testimonies of answers to prayer. Several of them are about St. Philomena the Wonder Worker.

How I came to know about St. Philomena the Wonder Worker.

Learn ways to help the Holy Souls in Purgatory and read testimonies of their powerful intercession for their benefactors.

Hi Karenanna, thanks for the more info about your Living Rosary groups!!!

I have to confess, I have already been to your website and read the
articles about helping (and being helped) by the Holy Souls in Purgatory.
You have a wealth of wonderful information there, and THANK YOU !!!

God bless you in your endeavor.
I would be delighted to sign up for your living rosary (I already belong to Patti Melvin’s).
By the way,
my FAVORITE decade of the 20 decades, is THE MIRACLE AT THE WEDDING
IN CANA from the Luminous Mysteries.

God bless you,

I am glad that you have benefited from the Holy Souls in Purgatory web page. Please shout it from the rooftops and tell everyone about it.

Praying for the relief of the Holy Souls is a win win for many; for the Holy Souls themselves, for the person who prays for them, for God, and also for the angels and the saints, who dearly want them in heaven.

Thank you for joining the Living Rosary. I will write to you privately later in the day. It is still a bit early here in Sydney, Australia.

Because you are already in Patti’s Living Rosary, you have a daily decade assigned there. I think that the decade remains the same all the time.

The Living Rosary that our family runs, supplies each person with an individual 20 month chart, which is mathematically correlated, so that on any given day between the 20 people, all 20 decades of the Rosary are covered.

(In case you are wondering about this mathematical stuff, my husband is a retired scientist and wrote a computer programe to generate the charts, after he saw me trying to manually type up many pages of text, which were going to be used for the project!)

I write to each person before the 20 months are up, to see if they wish to continue, and then form new Living Rosary groups according to the replies.

It is simpler than it sounds! The cards are an easy guide.

Just a general note; please put in the subject line of the email the words: Living Rosary so that I don’t miss it among the many emails which flood my inbox.

I live in Australia, but can post to anywhere in the world!

The last time that I went to the post office to post Living Rosary mail, it was for a whole group in London, England.

The girl at the Post Office was very interested. She had been at one stage in my Living Rosary and her brother and his family still are.

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