Living simply - becoming closer to Jesus


I heard that the simpler we make our lives the closer we shall become to Jesus and the other way around too.

What are some ways that you can live more simply?



I think getting rid of clutter can hep up live more simply and peacefully.


Dedicate each hour or at least each day to Him. If you’re Catholic believe in the Eucharist.


Buy less stuff, and focus on just buying the stuff you need.


I know some who have done this in several ways. Clearing out things in your home that you do not use/need and donating them to charities, not buying any new clothing, simple downsizing. I know a couple of families who actually moved to a more rural area and became more involved with growing their own food, canning, becoming more appreciative of God’s creation - hiking, walking, etc. They freed up this lives and were able to devote more time to God, helping others, etc. I’m pretty sure we could all use some downsizing (I sure could.)


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