Living today's Gospel

Today’s Gospel was the healing of the man born blind.
Tonight I stumbled across these inspiring videos for the first time about Nick Vujicic :

Here is part of an interview with Nick:
I asked Nick if he ever got angry with God for his disability.

“I definitely was angry with God when I was eight years old and I didn’t really want anything to do with God,” he said. “I felt like He owed me an explanation of why He did this to me. Between the ages of eight and twelve I really didn’t see much hope to my life and over the journey of my childhood, I was often thinking of how to commit suicide.

“**But at the age of fifteen, I read in John chapter nine, where a man was

born blind. Jesus was asked why this man was born blind and He said it was done so that the ‘works of God may be revealed through him’ **and, as I read this, a wave of faith and peace came over me. I realized that no one knew why that man was born blind and no one knew why I was born this way, but Jesus did and Jesus does know why He did this to me – so that the ‘works of God maybe revealed…’

In one of his videos he mentions that his mother was a nurse who had delivered hundreds of children. He said he is so thankful that his parents did not know about his disability before he was born, because the doctors would have recommended an abortion. How sad that would have been because now he glorifies God by speaking to others about how thankful he is to God for his life.

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