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Hi everyone. I feel like I just committed the gravest sin of all time. I let my fiancé move in with me. And before I start receiving comments, let me first clarify how we let this happen. First, it started with my family, my family wanted nothing to do with my fiancée ever since I first started dating him. And it wasn’t until about 2 weeks ago that they finally decided to meet him in person. Now, they semi like him and actually want to make him apart. Of their lives. However, now my fiancé’s family has decided to be petty and hold a grudge against my family and overall, it’s not good for neither of our mental health’s. We went through so much with my family that now his family is literally draining us. Tbh, his family doesn’t really like me and they’re just overall negative people. They don’t let him save any money and always request more if he misses a month of rent. And of course this has become a problem since we’re trying to save for a wedding. We both agreed that he can only move in if he agrees to sleep in the other room which by far as been kept. I’m just afraid that we will end up divorced (according to many statistics out there) and that our marriage will be failure. We plan to stay in seperate rooms until we actually wed. However, it does break my heart to know that we won’t be able to receive communion, unless We still can? His parents won’t take him back and he has no one else to move in with since he’s from another town. I a bit heartbroken that our relationship has come to this and I just feel completely guilty. Has anyone ever been in this same situation? Or know anyone? I would appreciate prayers and some words of advice. Blessings!

You all technically aren’t sinning unless you are having sex. The main reason cohabitating leads to divorce is because people are more likely to stay in those relationships for financial reasons or security and don’t bring up or resolve issues and they come out eventually. In your case scenario I doubt living together will have anything to do with whether your marriage lasts and it shouldn’t prohibit you guys from getting married in the Church either


If you are going to get married, what are you waiting for? You said you are saving for a wedding. Why not get married now and have whatever it is you are saving for, down the road? It doesn’t sound like either of your families will be very sociable and kind at a big “to do.“ Get married in church and live happily ever after apart from those causing drama in your lives.

This is your third thread concerning your living together and your families… just get married! :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t see a sin here as long as you aren’t having sex.

And learn how to set firm boundaries with both families. Honestly, they both sound toxic.


If you’re not committing mortal sin (no sexual activity or the other mortal sins out there), you can still receive Communion. Having someone live under your roof is not in and of itself mortal sin. I think the temptation is going to be huge. Can you move up the wedding?

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Please, talk to your priest.

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