Living with married people?

so, it’s a very common thing in my city for students to find housing with married couples, or families, especially if they are international students.

any moral issues with this?

or what if you are going out of town and stay with your friends who are a married couple?

I know, generally, it’s ill-advised to have opposite sex roommates or stay with a single friend of the opposite sex.

if people are married though, there’s still an opposite sex member in the house. is the difference that you’re generally not alone with them?

I guess, maybe age is also a factor, a young student living with an elderly couple is probably not the same as with newly weds the same age as the student, right?

I’m not in this situation, but if I ever did need a place to stay, I do know of one elderly couple from my parish who would probably take me in, but they’re in like their 60s and 70s

I mean historically speaking, it was common for families to hire maids or nannies or other servants who would live in the house where they worked

just wondering. thanks

I don’t see where the issue would be. Kids live with their married parents every day. I think it is fine as long as everyone knows their boundaries for behavior.

Hubby and I used to live in Singapore (Asia) and that was VERY common (if not expected). It is way cheaper to rent a room than to rent a small studio apartment in Singapore. We used to come and go from Singapore to the Sates, so it really wasn’t worth it to rent an apartment unless we were going to stay for a month or more.

If we need to rent a room, I prefer to rent a room in a house of a family or married couple living in the unit, no other strangers renting. Once, we mistook a place and booked a room there. When we arrived the host did not live there and she had rented two more rooms. When all of a sudden I see this man walking naked with a towel around his area down the waist, I said to my husband “We must go.” And so we cancelled immediately and rented studio apartment instead (which was better since we didn’t have to share anything even the washer and dryer). Who knows if the next shock would have been a woman walking in lingerie or worse!!!

I see no wrong staying with married people or a family. But you must choose well. I recommend choosing people that are decent, respectful, modest and even Catholic.

Real story:

My aunt got heartbroken. After doing all wedding preparations she found out that her 7 years fiancé had another woman and children. Among many things she did to get over it, a married (no children) girl-friend of hers invited her to stay for a period in her house. Long story short, my aunt saw that the husband was looking at her with eyes of interest (if not lust) and she immediately left the house and the friendship among them dissolved.

I guess it depends on the situation

How on earth could that be immoral. Why would you even think it might be?

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