Living with someone you despise


As you may know I’m a college student right now. I’m currently living with my (former) best friend. We met as young children at the age of 12 and had been great friends all through High School. When we were both seniors he started changing into a different person, and started being really mean to me. In fact I flat out stopped talking to him by then. Life happened and we both ended up going to the same college and we ended up living together. I went into it knowing that I had very hard feelings about him and that this would not be easy, but I just shrugged it off saying “eh, I just won’t let it bother me. Our living together is what’s best for me”. For the first few weeks it was great. We were always doing things together, having fun and all the like. As time went by we gradually started doing less and less (I guess the honeymoon ended) and my real feelings for him were harder to surpress. I never acted with downright anger towards him, rather I just stopped talking to him (he calls it “ignoring him”). this really bothers him (he always wants to be the center of attetntion) so I tried telling him that I had always loved him but towards the end of high school he said a lot of really hurtful things to me. He apologized and promised not to do it. He broke that promise within days (of course).
At this point its not that I’m angry at him for what he’s done to me. It’s just that I don’t feel the same way about him anymore, i just don’t really have much desire to have anything to do with him. We’ve talked several times about not living together anymore, but in a lot of ways it makes the most sense.
What’s a guy supposed to do?
I know, I know, i’m supposed to let go of my anger and move on, but its deeper than that. In my mind, ever since the end of high school we have NOT been friends the way we used to, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be room mates. In his mind, we need to be friends and if that means not being room mates so be it. he doesn’t realize I’m not all buddy buddy with him because we see each other too much, I’m not all buddy buddy with him because I just don’t like him as much as I used to

It’s situations like this that make me wonder if I’d rather just be a bachelor for the rest of my life :shrug:


If he really thinksyou have no right to stay out of conversation with him and that he can sa whatever he wants and you can’t react, he sounds very immature so far. He might need some time living alone to learn more of how the real world works. And you might need your own place, where you can relax.


If you despise him, why do you keep living with him? It sounds like the two of you have completely different personalities, POV’s, etc. Maybe it’s time to move on. Sometimes we are meant to move on. I will be praying that the Holy Spirit will enlighten you on this situation. God bless - keeping you in prayer.:thumbsup:


Find another roommate.


forgive him and find another roommate…

college is stressful enough as it is without throwing in all this drama…

u r also missing out on a lot of wonderful friendships you could have with someone else… which u r not going to have with this guy anyways…


Can you try making paragraphs ?


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