Living with suffering after clergy abuse settlements


Recent article on the clergy abuse topic from msnbc.


*Money can never mend the broken lives of these people–it can never mend anyone’s life, that’s been irreversibly changed forever. I am so heartbroken for these men, and for every single person who was abused. I pray that somehow, by the grace of God, they will be on a path towards healing. At least towards a path where they are able to make a life for themselves. What a sad sad situation…thanks for posting this. It’s interesting to read what has happened, after these settlements have been disbursed.

Lord, please help all who have been abused, and mistreated and bring them solace in their time of suffering. :gopray: *


Thanks for your reply. I found it very interesting and have no idea where to post the article here, where is best belongs. In a way, it could be one for many forums as we’ve all read about the settlements. Out of court as many of those accused are elderly or have passed. I hate to see the Church shell out big bucks and not defend some of these. They just lay down and accept as they have no defense. I was in catholic school for 8 years, The priests then and now with my Parish were good guys. However, I was not an alter server as they call those now as I live quite far away from the church and had no transporation. It was difficult enough to make my way to school and church on Sunday as it was. I’ve never heard from classmates anything improper. I do believe many of those men called to the priesthood were indeed gay, but many were not child molesting people. I doubt if many acted on being gay but who knows what went on in the rectory? It’s between them and God. None of my business really.


*First, just to answer your question, I think this would go well in the Catholic news section…:slight_smile:

Second, I remember when these cases first broke. Just so heartbreaking and shocking. *


Scandals come and scandals go. May the victims offer up their crosses to Christ.


Thanks. I can see by how many posts you’ve made, you would know. If you’d like you post it there, please do so for me. I have not been to that one yet. I don’t don’t want to go on record as trying to post it everywhere but it is a good news article and worthy of discussion imo. I’m just a newbee with just over 100 posts for the past week but with 68 visits to my profile. You good people here are active. I think I would be squashed for multiple posts of the same link. I already received 5 points off early for something I deemed mild, a brief post removed. I’m scared to death to post really wondering when my last one will be and why? You’ve almost 19000 posts? Wow!! You go girl!

Oh, ok… I see why you’ve had almost 19000 posts and over 9000 visits to your profile. . You’re a greeting staff member!

I’m a little less impressed but glad you replied to my posting of the news item. Please feel free to post it elsewhere. You can do almost anything here, I can’t.
Blessings to you for your work here. You seem like an angel from the photo. I’m sure you are.


*I was just answering your question as to if this was the right place to put this. There is a section for secular and catholic news. If you post an article there, the thread title needs to be the same as the article title. No worries. :slight_smile:

Thx for posting this, though. Again, interesting to hear as to what happened to those victims of abuse, who have been “settled” with…My prayers are with them that they may heal.*


*Oh, anyone can be a greeter or poster. It’s not a ‘staff’ type of thing. :o I just post a lot, what can I say. :blush: :smiley:

I hope you have a blessed week, Newage. :wave: *


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