Local Abortion clinic closed!


I am so happy to be typing this… I just found out that FOUR DAYS after my friends and I prayed outside of this clinic, it has CLOSED!!! Praise be to God!

No matter what they say on the news, we can’t help but ask, O Death, where is thy sting? Because we are winning. There’s a lot of work to be done, but we are WINNING. God’s making sure of it. :heaven:

Thanks be to God for everybody who prayed for us and for everybody in the pro-life movement. We still have so much more to do, but little victories like this give us so much courage, I hope it puts a smile on all of your faces too!!

Yes, yes, yes!

It’s just the beginning, friends. Thanks be to God!


Good work, pro-lifers. Thank you, Jesus! :bowdown:

What a great day for the pro-life movement!!!

God bless Pensacola and God Bless America!

Great news !!!

I was inspired just the other day while driving past the planned parenthood near my house with a short ejaculation.

“Dear Father, Protect the innocent and convict and convert the guilty.”

Now I say this each and every time I pass by.


Praise be to God forever and ever! :extrahappy::extrahappy::extrahappy: Now hopefully a new one will not open in it’s place. I will be praying for that. :signofcross:

Glory and praise be to Jesus Christ!!! Even more good news, there is one in Knoxville that is on the verge of closing… From what I’ve heard, the plans in the works for after they close is the Diocese purchasing that land and converting the site into a shrine of the Holy Innocents. Praying very hard for this, and all abortuaries, to close their doors for good, and for people to wake up and see this modern-day holocast going on!

Praised be Jesus!

Abortion is the “slavery” of the twenty-first century, in that it is a gross social injustice only able to be accepted through deliberate denial. No one who supported slavery ever wanted to talk about it as an important issue. Once people began to (or were forced to) really think about it, they realized there was no way to defend the pro-slavery position through logic. The same will happen sooner or later with the pro-abortion side - you can’t block out reality forever. Any discussion I’ve ever had with a hardcore pro-abortion person has ended in me posing the final in a short series of calm, simple questions driven by logic, and the opposite party becoming adjitated and hot-headed and giving an answer amounting to “well, abortion should be legal just because.”

We pro-lifers need to continue to push the reasoned argument behind our position into the public spotlight until the media, the education system, and the political system are all forced to listen and take us seriously. It may take the better part of this century, but good WILL prevail over evil.

Thanks for this good news today!

This is indeed good news! With all the past history of this particular clinic (bombing, two shootings/murders) it is a gift from God to see this evil removed from the face of the Earth.
Thank You, heavenly Father, for answering our prayers!

I drive by this clinic almost daily, and a few of the people you see in the background of the interviews are people who were out there on lawn chairs in front of that clinic every day come rain or shine, 100+°F temperatures and murderous humidity or not. They deserve much thanks for their efforts to keep this issue in the public eye.

In one of the local Catholic cemeteries, the K of C erected a headstone to the memory of those unborn murdered through abortion. Countless, countless Rosaries have been prayed in front of this memorial. I can’t help but think those played a part in this victory also.

One more clinic to go here.

Thanks be to God!

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