Local candidate has platform item to impeach Trump


Dr Zigmund Kozicki is a Democratic candidate for the 4th congressional district of Michigan and he is holding a public meeting to get input on his plan to initiate or vote for impeachment of POTUS.

Is this playing out across the U.S. in other districts?

Trump seems to have supported the pro-life agenda, but otherwise seems very unpresidential to me. If weird he is, he is none more than some other recent presidents (in my lifetime, e.g. Nixon, Clinton, Obama).

If the decision of Roe v Wade is overturned, that doesn’t mean that abortion goes away. Catholics have to work on the morals of America, if not possible at the political level. So, Trump is expendable, as far as I’m concerned. The Republicans don’t seem intent to stop Trump, so maybe the country will send the Democrats.

It should not be this difficult to remove a president. But, that’s a separate issue. Opinion: I think the Republicans were nuts to start with a field of 17 presidential candidates in 2016.


What exactly does this candidate think the President has done that constitutes treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors?

Bearing in mind that considering all the investigations currently going on, nothing has been proven yet. I realize that President Trump has polarized the nation like no predecessor, but it’s going to take more that just not liking him to accomplish this. I think the citizens of this country need to take a step back, wait for the investigations to be completed and then let Congress do their job if he truly has committed impeachable offenses.



They just don’t like him.

They think Trump is nothing more than the star of a “reality” television show.

That somehow, Trump tricked 60 million voters into believing he knows what he is doing and that somehow he defeated uber policy wonk Hillary.

Cannot figure it out, … [how did Trump end up with a personal Boeing 757 and Hillary ends up flying commercial … not even her own G-5?]

How does Trump get the ENERGY to pull off three or more personal appearances DAILY??


Considering the Michigan 4 went 60-35 for Trump, and 62-32 for the incumbent in 2016, I’d tell the doctor to hold off on house hunting in DC.

Looking at current polling, I doubt the residents of Michigan 4 would agree with your assessment. Trump’s support among Republican voters approaches 90%, even after the “debacle” in Helsinki.

I view Trump the same way Lincoln viewed Grant. “I can’t spare this man, he fights”.


No, it actually is supposed to be difficult to remove a President which is precicly why the Framers made the consutional requirement for impeachment convection by two thirds of the Senate not a mere majority.


I couldn’t agree more with this. We don’t want it to be easy for the opposing party, to come up with some reason for impeachment every time they disagree with the sitting president. Nothing would ever get accomplished (I know there’s an argument that nothing is getting accomplished now…but, seriously, easier impeachment would definitely result in gridlock).


Had to chuckle at the Grant/Trump comparison :smiley:


Abortions aren’t going away because now at least one state is offering free abortions.


If Roe is reversed or modified so that it returns to state jurisdiction, at least those states like mine that are prolife will make their moral statement and kids growing up will know their state opposed this moral evil.

Those states that approve of abortion will be making their moral statement too.

But at least we won’t all be pulled into national “approval” of it.


Make all the moral statements you want but people will be crossing state lines to get free abortions. Maybe we should build walls between states.


I don’t find that argument persuasive. People could still go to Canada even if abortion was banned in every state. I do think there is moral good in letting children know their parents had the moral sense to at least vote abortion out of the state.


Anything constitutional can be amended. We can create two consuls instead of having a President with one Amendment. Just sayin.’


Sure, it can be amended. Creating two consuls to replace the president is even less likely than Trump being removed from office. Just Sayin’


Indeed. If it were an easy thing to do, our Congressmen would basically be dedicated solely to removing the sitting president—whoever that happens to be. We’d be going through presidents left and right.

Of course, there is a sense where it is remarkably easy to remove a president from office (much more so than in other countries): just wait till the next election and vote him out of office.


High crimes and misdemeanors means whatever Congress decides it means. That is not necessarily a bad thing. If two thirds of Congress thinks a president should go, then by all means, get rid of him, for whatever reason.


We’re well prepared to go through Presidents left and right. We have 10+ successors already.


Making abortion a bit more inconvenient will no doubt save many babies from abortion.


This is true. Or make it more costly.


Either way by lack of convenience or prohibitive costs it’s a win win for vulnerable babies and their mothers too


I definitely agree with your post, JanetF, except for one thing–I think there are plenty of U.S. presidents over the last 200 years who have polarized the country. One example is President Abraham Lincoln–have you ever seen any of the “anti-Lincoln” cartoons? They wouldn’t be allowed in today’s newspapers! (Of course, they would go viral online!)

Personally, I felt that Pres. Obama polarized the country. One of the reasons that Donald Trump was elected is that many of us were tired of hearing how BAD America is and listening to Pres. Obama’s disturbing ideas for making America Great Again! I found his vision for America scary.

And do your remember Pres. Nixon? Even during the televised Watergate drama (which I avoided because I was a teenager with a boyfriend who eventually became my husband!), when it was glaringly obvious that Pres. Nixon had greatly sinned, there were plenty of Republicans, including many in my church (Protestant) who defended him! Talk about a split nation!

And even President Kennedy polarized the country, because many Protestants felt that a Catholic couldn’t serve as President because they would be more loyal to the Pope than to the U.S. Constitution.

The list goes on, all the way back to the Founding Fathers.

I think it’s not so much Pres. Trump that is polarizing the nation, but the media and all the online traffic. We are super-saturated with anti-Pres. Trump stories, and even when the President does or says something good, the media stars say it with a sour expression and a questioning voice. Good heavens, they even go after the First Lady, and everyone else in the President’s family. It’s a feeding frenzy, and it’s hard to know whether any of their anti-President stories have any truth to them.

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