Local Christian TV

I’ve been watching the local Christian station for 15 years believed in ecumenism. Now they are using what looks like a St. Benedict medal on one of their promos.

The real St. Benedict medal has the letters CSPB around a cross (latin for cross of holy father Benedict). Theirs has WWJD. I’ts just too similar. This irritates me to no end. Throw out St. Benedict, cause Oh we don’t pray to saints, but we like the looks of that medal for our programming. There have been other things. Am I nit picking? I’m such a fan of St. Benedict, such a holy man. I’m losing my ecumenism. Just be Catholic for Pete’s sake. They you could wear the medal. :frowning:

Which channel is ETWN?

Watch ewtn thats the catholic channel you will get better programming on there than you will any protestant station and you will get the fullness of truth that the Catholic Church teaches

Geesh what a shock. An attempt to look like one has piety. No I would not say nit picking just tired of things being taken and essentially twisted and distorted. To be Catholic would mean that they would have to stop protesting and admit they are in the wrong and submit. I think stubborn pride will prevent that. Would rather rip off and distort/twist something.

Just watch EWTN good programing.

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