Local Dems target one of own over college paper



Local Dems target one of own over college paper

Hyde Park resident Ben Lindy is running for state representative in Ohio’s 31st District.(Photo: Provided)

An upstart candidate for state representative faces being ostracized by the local Democratic party because of a research paper he wrote in college, The Enquirer has learned.

Ben Lindy, who is running for the Ohio House 31st District seat, could be stripped of the benefits given to a candidate by the Hamilton County Democratic Party next week after the recent revelation that the Hyde Park resident wrote what some say was an anti-union paper while in law school at Yale University.
It’s not just any paper, though. Lindy’s research is being used in a U.S. Supreme Court case that could severely weaken collective bargaining rights for unions nationwide, including in Ohio. The Yale Law Journal published Lindy’s research in 2011 – making it public information – and he had nothing to do with the decision to use the information in the legal battle.

But top local union leaders called for Lindy’s party privileges to be revoked in a letter Tuesday to Hamilton County Democratic Party Chairman Tim Burke. The party’s executive committee is scheduled to meet Thursday night at a union hall in Northside to decide whether Lindy will be able to continue to use the party’s voter files, mailing lists, postage discounts and other essential resources to running a campaign.
“I would not want to see a young guy like that totally shoved out of the party, and that is certainly not my intent,” Burke told The Enquirer. “But I share a great deal of concern about what was said in that paper. I know Ben has a different view today, but it’s still a very bothersome piece.”

So if you’ve ever committed crimethink even if you change your mind later you’ll be cast into the outer darkness.


And yet they chide the Republican party for not being a big tent? This is literally “believe what we tell you or get out.”


:thumbsup:, good point.



at least he is seeing the true colors of the democrat party.


The left is inescapably totalitarian, because its program requires that a large portion of the population, if not the majority, do things they don’t naturally want to do, and refrain from things they naturally do want to do.


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