Local Jihadist Recruiting


There have been a couple of local arrests of two young Moslems charged with recruiting and encouraging volunteers for the Syrian violence, and possibly ISIS.


One lived in Logan, pretty close to home. Neither was implicated in directly planning any attacks on Australian soil, but I’ve long felt we were going to have problems with the Moslems. We’ve lost citizens in the Bali nightclub bombing, and we’ve been involved in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I don’t have a problem with them having a store. I often shop in a Christian bookstore, not far away from their store actually, so if its good enough for me, its good enough for them. But what goes on behind the scenes might be another matter.

The problem is not going to go away. In fact, I think it’s going to become more prevalent.

We’re due to have the G20 conference in November in nearby Brisbane, so I hope the authorities have got pretty good security. That would be a very tempting target.


It doesn’t surprise me that we have people recruiting. We already know that a number of Australians have been killed in Syria/Iraq already, and more are over there. They’re recruiting. Here, the US, the UK. We’re all having the problem.

It’s a very difficult problem to deal with. We don’t want to alienate those who don’t support countries like ISIS, yet still monitor and manage those who support such terrorism. Too difficult a question for me to answer.

In some ways I know I am part of the problem. I used to not really notice muslims - or didn’t make note of them when I saw them. Now I see a lady in a niqab and I start wondering who she really supports. How extreme is she? Which doesn’t help but to alienate them. As society kicks back on Muslims because of the extremists, we’re only going to see more become fanatical. It’s a rock and a hard place.

There was an interesting insight episode a few weeks back about why young Australian muslims are getting attracted to this fight. Haven’t watched it all the way through yet, but you might be interested. Link: youtube.com/watch?v=2L7G7YAYYOg

I work in Brisbane City. Southbank area for the locals. I am very glad that I’ve managed to get the main week off. Generally I’d say that Brisbane, and Australia in general, are off the terrorist map but that week I’m happy to stay away. I’m sure nothing will happy but better safe than sorry.


I live in Brisbane also and I am wondering about the arrest of the two Muslims and a raid on a large number of other sites around the city. The police have a very active taskforce and have warrants to eavesdrop on countless conversations and metadata. ASIS and the signals directorate have been on alert for twelve months before the G20 meeting. The entire police force has been seconded to be around the city and many areas blocked off completely.
They picked up the planned attack on Holsworthy Army Base a few years ago with ASIO tracking Muslims through scanning of metadata and the culprit is now serving a twenty year prison sentence.
I know of Army personnel who report that the Army base at Annerley is on full alert for attack. So no one is complacent. I believe the general rule taken by the authorities is to trust no Muslim. This has caused outrage from the Muslim groups when the PM increased anti-terrorist monitoring of Muslim groups and anyone re-entering Australia from certain countries, but with a recent poll saying 64% of the population supporting immediate military action against ISIS, I don’t believe the government is listening to the protesting Muslim groups.
Indeed, it is expected that our Hornet fleet is being prepared now for deployment over Iraq to support the bombing campaign.
ASIO has already pre-warned of an imminent increase in our terrorist threat level.
All in all I think we are actively answering the threat of Muslim terrorism both here and overseas and are as prepared as possible for any attack on Brisbane.
If there was an attack I would not like to be a Muslim on our streets, such is the increasing popular sentiment against them. Vigilante action would be terrible as it would set back relations for years, just as the Cronulla riots in Sydney against the Muslims rapists some years back.


I’ve often wondered if we (the west in general) shouldn’t be more vigilant about the sort of immigration we permit. It think it too blanket and prejudicial to ban muslim immigration, but why not screen immigrant wannabe’s for cultural compatibility? Some questions you could ask of applicants:

  1. Do you believe people should be free to choose their own religious convictions and/or convert to other religions without coercion?

  2. Do you agree with our national law regarding the illegality of polygamy?

  3. Is it ever acceptable to inflict violence on a family member because that family member brought shame on the family via his or her actions?

  4. Should adult women be free to choose their own career, relationship and educational destiny or should their families continue to have control over those decisions past age 18?

  5. Does a woman who reveals too much of her body in public deserve punishment? Who should inflict that punishment?

  6. Do you believe that the civil laws of a country should always conform to those of Sharia? If so, who should be responsible for interpreting the requirements of Sharia law in civil society?

Dangerous answers to the above should result in disqualification from immigration.


I say the Australian government should let them continue to recruit and send them over to Syria. Hopefully they will get killed. If not strip them of citizenship.

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