Local or worldwide flood?

So recently I’ve been looking into history, how does everyone look at the Noah’s ark story? For the longest time I always thought the flood was worldwide (possibly stemming from growing up in a YEC church) but seeing there’s not been any broken lineage in China or Egypt… so what is everybody’s thoughts?

Various theories abound. Some claim “worldwide”, others claim “super-regional”, while still others make the claim that it’s merely a fable. :man_shrugging:

The Catholic Church doesn’t make a particular doctrinal claim regarding the question.


Some people obsess over this topic, but to me it could have been one or the other, it is not very important which. By the way, both Egypt and China are not that old. The oldest civilization we know of is the Sumerians and they already have the flood story so the event must predate all great civilizations we know of.


I’ve always thought it was very local, but I know of people who think otherwise. It doesn’t effect your salvation, but it is fun to think about.

If you know the numbers and do the maths…

The melt of the last glaciation - which occurred in the dim history of modern man - involved Millions of Cubic Miles of ICE–>Liquid Water…

Local? By no means…


I’ve seen documentaries of sea creatures fossils found in places you wouldn’t expect, like Utah and Montana. I can’t say what may have happened, but as said by another, our salvation doesn’t depend on it.

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Historical Archeaologists know about humongous floodings…
Ante-Diluvian and Post-Diluvian were/are common phrases…
As I’d mentioned, Millions of Cubic Miles of ICE/Water - created Huge Floodings when Melted -

Legends/Histories from disconnected Ancients all over the world - refer to a FLOOD

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I know it doesn’t but it’s a typical objection I’ve never known how to answer haha

Thats true, i never looked at it that way. Its just hard to not be able to answer people’s objections, especially since im not very highly knowledgeable in Old Testament stuff.

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