Local paper polled to see what parents thought of immunizations


My local paper had an online poll about immunizations. They asked, should the schools require immunizations? Here is what I wrote and the person who responded to me. Let me know what you think.

I would have to say that it should be the decision of each parent. There are many moral issues surrounding immunizations and we should not have to comply with the government regulations when it comes to our children. There are serious problems with the way that some immunizations are harvested. My children will not receive several of them, not because I am lacking as a parent, but because I do not belive that one life should be given to save another. http://www.statesmanjournal.com/graphics/invisible1.gifVicia, 26, Mom, Salem
Vicia… I sure hope that my children are not in school with yours!!! It is called being responsible as a parent. Not just for your kids but what about everyone else!! I swear there is way to much of this free thinking going on. We as a society have got to stand up for ourselves and stop letting ignorance rule!!!http://www.statesmanjournal.com/graphics/invisible1.gifAt home mom, 31, Homemaker, Salem


For the poll: I do not mean all immunizations, just the ones derived from aborted fetuses. :slight_smile:


Right on Vicia, we don’t want to benefit from Nazi medicine.


Interesting answer you got. That mom who wrote back to you maybe wouldn’t want her children with my (now in heaven) child who had health issues that could have caused an earlier death for her if we had done certain of the immunizations!

Also, if she was really informed, since her child is immunized she needn’t worry about whether your un-immunized child would give her child said disease.

Oh, for the logic of the totally ignorant.

Most States give you the right to not have your child immunized for Religious reasons! If an immunization is known to have come form a purposely aborted baby then we should do our best to not use it. If it is developed from a baby that was spontaneously aborted (misccariage) then it is okay.

Brenda V.


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