Local priest's planned Rainbow flag burning shut down by Chicago Archdiocese



I saw this on twitter. The parishioners burned it anyway.



Could get the other to open. Try this one:



It would seem this priest would have better things to do.

Not surprised the story was picked up by our friends at Churchmillitant.


The more I thought about it, the more it made me sad. I probably would have auctioned it off or donated it to charity, or a trustworthy apostolate like Courage. There wasn’t anything objectively wrong with the banner in itself, it could also have been symbolic of the covenant between man and God.

Though I suppose perhaps some of the banner burning was lingering resentment about Cardinal Bernadin and Cupich. The anger towards them is justified, but I wouldn’t have burnt the banner over it.


I understand not wanting to encourage such items being left in the church, but it could have been disposed of quietly rather than such a spectacle made.
The Archdiocese was right in telling the priest to just stop already.

If the priest had wished to do something, he could have led a public prayer vigil where his parishioners prayed for gay people and those struggling with SSA.



Sounds like there is quite a backstory on this flag and on the pastor who brought it to the church, may he rest in peace.

Sounds also like there is some resentment towards him or that things must have been pretty strange when he was around.

Church Militant isn’t a very reliable source though, and the man is long dead, so I’ll say some extra prayers for his soul and leave it at that.


Sounds like this needed to be done. Good for the parishioners to stand up when diocesan leadership will not.


Is burning rainbow flags how one “stands up”?


I believe the intent was to clean house, not protest.


I am sympathetic to the priest but we should remember, “obedience before holocausts.”


I tend to agree with this. It would be my hope that Cupich would have let him quietly burn the flag or maybe the priest could have done something different when Cupich would not let him do it. Perhaps the priest could have given it to someone else to burn.

Either way I do not think it is right for Cupich to punish the priest in the way he is doing, especially seeing all the worse things going on in the Church that are not being punished.

Praying for all involved. This priest will definitely need our prayers.


Yes, it does sound like there was quite a bit of evil from the past attached to this flag and it’s goings on. I think it is good to pray for the souls of these deceased priests in hopes they repented and had a good confession before their death.

Praying for the priest there now and all of the parishioners. The priest may have a rough road ahead of him.

God bless.


Sounds like this needed to be done. Good for the parishioners to stand up when diocesan leadership will not.

Why did it need to be done? We get already that the far right is having a terrible problem with authority especially in the Pope Francis era, but will any homosexuals be persuaded by this that sex is for married heterosexuals? Just seems like a lot of rubes screaming and yelling.


The point of this flag burning wasn’t to “persuade” homosexuals. It was to send a strong message that homosexuality is a sin.


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Priest defies Cardinal Cupich, burns LGBTQ flag on church grounds

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