Locations of TLM?

Is there a web site that has a list of parishes that offer The Latin Mass? I would like to attend one but have no clue where to look.

Thanks in advance.



Enjoy the Mass. :smiley: Let us know what you think.

Although I would add, the Mass times may be off. So if you find a parish, call them or check out the website before you show up.

Here you go:

Traditional Mass Directory

Great and thanks!

I will check it out and when I go I’ll let ya all know.


There is a quaint little Tridentine church in Garden Grove near Disney Land.



Yeah, a quaint little church not in Union with Rome.


Darn! I knew a chapel that pretty couldn’t be in union with the Holy See! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully that wasn’t a subtle insult against the Holy See.


How about the nearby monastery in the Silverado Hills? Are the Norbertine Fathers in union with Rome?



Just wondering, how about the nearby Mission San Juan Capistrano and the Traditional Mass that is offered in what’s called the “Serra Chapel”, which is in one of the original adobe buildings on the historical mission grounds proper.


Here is a picture of the Serra Chapel:


I’m out in Maryland, ya all :slight_smile:

I am going to call the Church in Emmitsburg and then the one in Bahlmer City if St. Joe’s no longer has TLM. DW works at The Mount in Emmitsburg, so it’s not far at all.

I wrote an email to my Pastor and asked if we were going to have a Latin Mass incorporated into our Mass schedule. He said that in October we would be getting a new Bishop and it was on the agenda to be brought up then.

I’m full of questions about Orange County in southern California. Saint Mary’s by the Sea has what appears to be a clandestine Internet Site:


At the bottom of the text on the left hand side at the bottom, and link to what I assume to be the official site, brings me to here:


At the bottom of that page there are two links that branch off to Serra Chapel, Old Mission San Juan Capistrano and Our Lady Help of Christians in Garden Grove. Someone here in this thread told me that the latter is not in union with Rome. Does that mean that both the Mission and Our Help…. are not in union with Rome?

Here is a Catholic Blog about Saint Mary’s by the Sea and it appears to present that church as being in union with Rome?


Are there similar mix-ups in other parts of the country?


Yes, they are but I’m not sure if they celebrate the Tridentine Mass or just the Novus Ordo in Latin.


St. Mary’s By the Sea is also in union with Rome - it is unfortunate that they are advertising a website for an “independent” catholic church.

Fortunately they will be offering a TLM at St. Mary’s by the Sea again once the MP takes effect.


Una Voce Orange County lists the two indult TLMs on its website.

San Juan is indult, and so is the John Paul II Polish Center.


Small world. I was born and raised in Baltimore, and graduated from the Mount in '91. I’ve never been to the TLM at St Joe’s up there, but I assisted regularly at St. Alphonsus in Baltimore. If you do get the chance to go there, please do! It is a beautiful church, and the Mass is said with total reverance. I believe they have the schola on the 1st and 3rd Sundays, and the mixed choir on the 2nd and 4th.


Thanks a million. That clears things up. We visit Disney Land quite often, and usually drive our rental car over to the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove for Robert Schuller Jr’s Drive-In Service. Yes, we sit in our car outside and watch a giant video screen. Those Drive-In Churches are popular in the Los Angeles area.

Our Lady Help Christian Tridentine Church is also in Garden Grove and close to Disney Land, so we will probably give it a try. We are Protestants anyway, so that church not being in union with Rome means zilch. I was a teenager during the 50’s and remember that exact alter arrangement.


Is this pic the alter at St. Alphonsus ??? WOW

Yes, it sure is. That picture was taken at Easter a few years back, which is why the sanctuary is adorned with flowers.

Here in Oakland we even have a Tridentine Mass Monday through Friday at 6:00 PM.



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