Locker rooms

I was thinking about this because of a news thread that touched upon locker rooms.

So here it is: Why is nudism accepted in locker rooms?

People don’t shower together, towel off in front of each other, walk around and/or groom in the nude, or change in front of same-sex guests in their home, or when they visit other people’s houses. So why is it done in public locker rooms? Why don’t locker room showers all have stalls with changing alcoves?

I’m not sure if this is a moral/modesty issue, but in my own experience, I’ve been both ogled and propositioned (yeah :() in a locker room, so it certainly seems like one to me.

Probably due to cost of building and cleaning those areas.
Also, to prevent inappropriate behaviors.
I would think it would be more dangerous in a more “private” area where it’s your word against another’s. :shrug:

I’m a slug, myself, so it never applied to me. :smiley:

Good question. I’ll take a stab at answering.

Gym or Phys. Ed. or whatever different schools call it. When I was in high school we only had to take gym for 2 years and after that it was an elective. I liked gym but I hated showering after and we were required to shower. No one that I recall ever used soap or even got thoroughly wet, usually just an arm and shoulder :D. There was no time to get completely wet and dry off and get to your next class on time. But there it is, hidden in my trip down memory lane: high school had communal showers in both middle and high school and at the public swimming pool, now that I think about it. Big shower room, big locker room, but no stalls except for toilets. I don’t know what the guys did; I have a vague recollection of seeing guys with wet hair.

I think the reason you see so many guys walking around and grooming is because they are air drying and, also, I personally don’t like getting dressed and then spending time in a humid environment while I finish getting ready. :coolinoff:

Locker room nudity, particularly in a male-only environment, was an accepted cultural norm for a long time. Males were regarded as less in need of modesty, and less modest in their own right, than females. For decades the Y mandated nude male swimming for reasons that were at least initially grounded in filtration and hygiene issues. That same practice was reflected in boys’ camps and college swim practices into the 1970’s – to say nothing of military basic training. The Greatest Generation came back from WWII and passed on that sense of “naked nonchalance” to their sons. I attended a Catholic Summer camp in the '50’s - staffed by seminarians - and guess what: gang showers, open changing rooms by the lake. My extremely strict Catholic high school in the early '60’s - gang showers for boys, individual canvas booths for girls. Just how it was. Locker-room “horseplay” tends to bring back some shared memories for some guys (at least, those not on the receiving end of the snapping towels).

Our sexualized culture, preoccupation with homosexuality, together with abuse issues, have drastically changed that equation, although I wouldn’t characterize locker-room transitional nudity as “nudism” - that’s something else entirely. Some would argue that boys are becoming “feminized” by an over-emphasis on same-gender modesty. Friends report that no one in high school showers after gym class, the result being a lot of smelly boys in classes for the rest of the day; school administrators are afraid to require showering now for reasons that are sadly obvious. At my health club - yes, open showers - most guys are comfortable with the environment, once in a while someone showers in their underwear. Their choice, seems silly to me.

If it’s at school, then you have grounds to file a sexual harassment complaint. If it’s a private gym, good luck.

I’ve spent a lot of time in locker rooms over the past 30 years…wait…that doesn’t sound right…:p…

One of my pet peeves are the young guys who are so “modest” that they’ll wear their gym clothes into the shower stall, shower, and get dressed in there. I always want to say, “Dude–chill. We’re all guys here. Me seeing you naked won’t make either of us turn gay.”

Older guys couldn’t care less. I’ve seen octogenarians stand there completely naked and carry on conversations.

No but what if they are already and make it obvious ? :frowning:

What about it/what are you asking? How do they make it obvious?

Like I’ve said, I’ve had men blatantly ogle me and proposition me. Of course I know it doesn’t make me gay, that’s not the point. It’s disgusting and no one should have to put up with it.

I agree. Doing that is really rude, especially when one is in various states of undress.

Then you’ve just got to (nicely) tell him to shove off.

I dont know what kind of locker rooms many of you all have been in, but the few I have been in over the years DO have private shower stalls, Each had a little shower area, and little dressing area, enclosed, like a toilet stall, but instead of swinging doors, they had curtains you could push aside and open.

I only used them a couple times, I didnt like them, because they were so small, not much room to towel dry yourself and then get dressed.

Actually all thru school, first grade thru 12 th grade, I cant recall ever needing to shower…?? IN grade school, we had gym class, but no one got dirty or sweaty enough to need a shower, I think most of us just took gym in our regular school clothes, and once in middle school and high school, I believe gym class was optional, I didnt take gym class once in middle school though, usually only the guys who played sports took gym anyway.

I am afraid it is a very serious problem ,as not only do they proposition you which I find disgusting , since they are obsessed with the ‘dark’ side,they cannot imagine another
way of being .

I used to think I should not be rude , but if they (women) try it again they will have no doubt about my feelings ,as I am convinced that the very 'out 'ones have demonic possession . It is easy to see, if you are not blind spiritually .

I think the western world in general smelled awful until we all had showers .:smiley:

I agree.

Unfortunately, that’s the situation you’re in.

How about join a different gym? I’ve heard a lot of stories about what goes on in locker rooms but I’ve never seen any of it–so they can’t all be bad. Don’t give up on gyms because of a few rotten apples.

I’ve often wondered about things like this.

If you don’t bathe, but neither do any of the people around you, do you just not notice it after a while? :shrug:

Like the contestants on “Survivor,” or soldiers in the field, or billions of people around the world on a daily basis.

I agree that at first my reaction in similar situations was to be offended, but I had to realise that they mean no harm given the culture we live in. Although you are right that it does not make it any less uncomfortable. I see no problems with trying to be modest but I also don’t think that public locker rooms are sinful in and of themselves.

I don’t agree-- it is incredibly rude and inappropriate to hit on someone in a locker room. Just as it would be inappropriate for me as a guy to hit on some woman in the gym while she’s working out. Some things are just rude and wrong because they’re insensitive. It isn’t the time or the place, I’m not there to be social, or to look for a relationship, I’m there for my health when I’m working out, and when I’m in the locker room/shower it’s to clean up.

I’ve been in a lot of gyms and I’ve never witnessed or even heard of something like that occurring. My reaction to the person would definitely be-- what is your problem? This is not the time or place for that. One of the benefits of not being particularly attractive, I don’t get hit on… but it just goes to show, gays are men like any other and take a chance on someone they find attractive, there is no ‘gaydar’ or inherent ability to tell sexuality just from appearances.

What kind of places are you frequenting?

I’ve had memberships at several different gyms, played on multiple teams in HS, used the rec facilities in college, have gone to sports camps as an adult, etc, and I’ve never seen it. That might be the point, though. I don’t look, so if someone is “ogling” me, I wouldn’t notice nor care. Nor would I start [or oblige much of] a conversation in the locker room either, while in towel or the shower.

But I know it happens. I used to do non-formulary review for medications for HIV folks. They’d be so upset when they’d have to use a testosterone patch, which is typically stuck right on/near a spot you [well, me] wouldn’t look at in the gym. That would be the complaint: that folks would see they are on the meds. :confused: Again, what exactly is your purpose at the gym / locker room? What kind of meat market are you working out at? :confused: In their case, admittedly, the purpose differed slightly from my own purpose. :shrug:

Nudity in men’s locker rooms is no big deal. At my current gym, you see the whole range from guys that are naked the whole time after they work out to guys that wear swim trunks into the showers. The showers in the gym are individual stalls with curtains. At the hockey rink, you get changed, stripped down and there are share showers. No big deal!

I have never noticed any guys ogling me or anyone else. It would be no big deal if it in fact happened.

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