"Locust" parents shove, steal kids' candy at Easter egg hunt



ORANGE, Conn. - An Easter egg hunt in southern Connecticut turned into a shoving match after pushy parents ignored the rules.

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I’m not sure exactly what this says about America, but it says something.:shrug:



On the other side of the world, people celebrate the rising of the Lord by going to a park and getting killed for believing. Here in America, we celebrate the rising of the Lord by teaching our children to steal from each other.


This is not in the spirit of the Lord. People are supposed to be honoring Him on Easter.


Same people who act like lunatics in shops on Black Friday.


These are the same people who act like lunatics at the shops on Black Friday, and are teaching their children that Christmas is about the jumbo screen plasma TV. It’s really sad.


This says NOTHING about America, and EVERYTHING about a group of greedy, self centered people. Yep, it is sad.


I remember decades ago going to a church Easter egg hunt and a parent stealing an egg that my then little gilr niece was picking up. She was shy and not pushy so I was standing RIGHT THERE> This must have been close to 25-28 years ago


Unfortunately, in this mixed up world, being greedy and self-centered, now count as being worthy of admiration.


What a sad story. I am sorry for the very generous people who organised the event only to have it ruined by such horrid and contemptible behaviour.

How unfortunate that there are such who do not know how to conduct themselves according to the mores of civilised peoples. Clearly, they need to be re-educated.


Honestly, this was caused by poor event management. They allowed some people into one field ahead of schedule which lead people waiting to jump the gun and also run for the prize.

In ‘competitions’ such as this it’s imperative that people think the rules are fair and being enforced equally.


Not so much.

They had staggered start times and these parents bum rushed the field ahead of schedule. If the parents didn’t like the rules and didn’t think they were “fair” they didn’t have to participate. And besides that, a feeling that one is being treated unfairly is no excuse to act like a lunatic. It was only an easter egg hunt for goodness sake!


Just terrible :frowning:


They never allowed some people into one field ahead of schedule. There was no start time for the parents. It was advertised as an Egg hunt for Children. The adults stormed the fields prior to the time the kids were supposed to start.

The only mistake they made was assuming adults would act like adults and not try and steal eggs from kids.

It says a very sad thing about our society that that is no longer a reasonable assumption to make. I’m sure the outcome of this will be that next year there will be no egg hunt.


This is sad and embarrassing since I grew up not far from Orange act.


I am pretty sure most of these losers who cared that much about winning a children’s Easter Egg hunt neither care about either the Lord or teaching children.

Reminds me somewhat of the dad/mom who lives vicariously through their child athlete in such unhealthy ways (fighting with coaches and parents, cussing at officials, prioritizing athletics over everything else the child does…)

They too make me physically want to empty my stomach.


Sadly, this sort of thing happens at a few venues every year. Last year, I think it was an Easter Egg hunt in Montreal that started a stampede, but fortunately nobody was hurt. It seems to happen when attendance greatly exceeds the organizers’ expectations.


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