Locusts in Las Vegas USA

From a culinary perspective I would like to have tasted them once with little honey…

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Good choice :honey_pot::cricket:

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In actuality I’m too hesitant and chicken to try to even eat the candied crickets that they sell in the mall… :weary:

Maybe I’ll take it on as a form of penance for the Dormition Fast or Lent… :thinking:

I went on the YouTube comments on one of the videos and just about every other response was some Evangelical calling for the end of the world talking about locust which as we know they aren’t locust their grasshoppers completely different cycles and forms.

I’m just waiting for the next rapture date… :roll_eyes:

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Could you imagine how much worse the backup in the immigration system would get if each and every grasshopper applied for asylum? Egad!

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As a child I saw the 17 year cicada swarms in the Chicago area and was horrified! We couldn’t walk to school without crunching them underfoot and swatting them from our hair. I remember tree trunks completely covered with them. I’ll never forget that! Closest thing we have in my area now are swarms of mayflies that can completely cover cars, for example.

For those of you who claim this is not a sign… explain to me this - locusts? Ok. But WHY Las Vegas? :crazy_face:

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The Luxor hotel has an extraordinarily powerful light beam that it shines at night, and the grasshoppers are attracted to it. They are pallid winged grasshoppers, not locusts, and not a problem species.

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That’s why it’s confusing what to attribute to God or not I think because some people who do “bad or greedy” things etc seem to live it up continually but then you hear other stories about someone who for example stole off others and then randomly got hit by a bus and died etc.

I have never been to Las Vegas USA.For those that live in Usa,is it worse then Kings Cross in Sydney used to be in its “prime”?

You’re not missing much. The commercial Las Vegas is the superficiality capital of the world.
The surrounding countryside is really beautiful.

Locusts are a natural phenomenon in the greed of las vegas, just like Hurricane Katrina was a natural phenomenon in the land of Mardi Gras, just like the volcano was a natural phenomenon in the land of Sodom, just like the troops that went after Queen Elizabeth were killed in a storm so that she could stand victorious on the battlefield with her people as a soldier.
God has been pushing the righteous for a long time. Dawn the armor of God, so that you may withstand the evil in the wicked day.

It just seems people tend to seperate nature from God as if He has no control over it.

I couldn’t say He is punishing anyone but maybe reminding us of His control.


Just grasshoppers they say not locust not a problematic species… Hasn’t 70 years of B movies not taught you people anything???

Nevada is full of radiation from nuclear testing I think we all know how this ends…

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But at the same there are other worse events that haven’t had any “natural disasters” like for example Brazil carnivale.Apparently its even somehow meant to be a Catholic related event yet many have their bums out and not much else is covered either…:open_mouth:

In El Salvador, though less numerous, they are far more colorful. Not called locusts, but rather: “Esperanza” (hope).


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