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Can anyone tell me if this is a good site to use for catholics? I just saw it being advertised while watching “The Bible” on The History Channel.


It’s supposed to be a bible study site that you can also offers apps for your phone.

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When I wonder about how Catholic friendly a site is, I do a search (if they have one) for Catholic and see what comes up.

This site does appear to have Catholic products, including Catechisms and RSVCE bibles, and even some Vat2 documents. They appear to also have some Catholic Bible studies. So, I would say yes.

But if looking at getting a Bible study, I’d say to make sure it is labeled as a Catholic bible study, at least for those not yet completely firm in their faith in understanding of the Church’s teachings. But it definitely seems to have a lot of resources.

They have very good Catholic products according to Jimmy Akin. He uses their materials extensively.


If you go to the link above you can get a discount. Just make sure you get the Catholic products of course.

Thanks guys for your responses especially js_cat3391I for the discount link. Will check it out.

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Also, they have launched a new brand especially for Catholics, Verbum. The products there are tailored to Catholics. I use it, and it is an incredible product!

I love being on my PC, or on my iPad, reading the Catechism, and being able to go to practically any reference immediately. CCC cites Augustine? Click the footnote and go to the actual document!

**Try biblia clerus, a FREE download that does the same thing, programmed since 1992 by Fr. A Bouchez.

Hyperlinked Catechism, Church Docs, Saints writings, Bibles (RSV/NAB)
It really is FREE. I would start with this first, it fills all my needs and got me reading a few encyclicals. For Bible I prefer to have the actual book, i guess it’s the feel of a book in the hand, so for that I use the Navarre (Full edition). **

For those who keep asking if it is free-- comment from Fr. Bouchez his ICTUS WIN site.
Biblia Clerus free download
By A.Bouchez Saturday, August 8, 2009, 2:25 p.m. - Permalink
Biblia Clerus is a slightly redacted at the French texts CD Ictus Win, issued under the responsibility of the version Congregation for the Clergy . By cons, it contains more texts in other languages ​​(Spanish, Italian, English …). The Vatican diffuse this free program.

On the site of the Congregation for the Clergy you can download a full version of Biblia Clerus . His first recipients are priests who will be able to have on hand a complete library, to prepare their sermons and teachings. But faithful Catholic, or curious man will also benefit! This is the Ictus 3 complete engine in its latest version, with most of the textual basis of the CD Ictus. However, some Protestant Bible versions are missing, and ADIC can undertake technical service Biblia Clerus. By cons, this version is freely downloadable in a full version and free. Feel free to pass around the new you, to widely disseminate the wealth of the Gospel: Scripture, Tradition and the Magisterium!:thumbsup:

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