LOH but no daily mass?


I could not really find anything on this surprisingly. I am not very near a church and it is not especially practical to get there everyday(things are far away in the countryside). I go of course on sunday but daily mass right now would be difficult. my question is this, is it really backward or off balance to pray the liturgy of the hours everyday but not go to mass aside from sunday. this may sound like a stupid question, but as the mass is the height and summit of the liturgy it seems like a misguided gesture. so is this the case or do plenty of people do this? I am a layperson obviously not bound to pray the office or anything I just like to.


There is no obligation to go to daily Mass. Our obligation is to attend on Sundays only. The reality of life is that it’s difficult for some to attend daily Mass. Like you I live in a rural area and to go to Mass daily I would have to drive to a different town or village every day as there’s no weekday Mass every day, in every church.

There is nothing wrong with praying the Liturgy of the Hours. I pray it every day but I rarely go to Mass during the week.

Don’t overburden yourself. In the early days of monastic life, when the Rule of Saint Benedict was written, Mass wasn’t a daily occurrence. But the Divine Office (Liturgy of the Hours) was an obligation for monks.


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It’s not off balance at all :). I can’t attend Mass often, except Sundays & Holydays of Obligation because my disability makes getting to Church (and most other places) very time consuming & often impractical. I’ve found the Liturgy of the Hours to be a real blessing & an immense source of Grace.

I’d highly recommend it :thumbsup:


One is not required to attend Mass on a daily basis; the obligation is only for Sundays and Holy Days of obligation. That you’re unable to make daily Mass is hardly unique; most of us working folk cannot do so.

But the Liturgy of the Hours is intimately connected to the Mass and as the official prayer of the Church, is the second highest form of worship. It’s definitely a good second choice if daily Mass is impossible.


The Mass and the Hours are the two essential parts of the sacred liturgy of the whole Catholic Church. Praying the Liturgy of the Hours is like attending the Mass. They are not equivalent, but they both compliment each other and they are intimately connected every day. One can get a little “taste” of daily Mass in the daily Office. It is not weird, strange, or off-base; really, all Catholics should do it, for it is the universal prayer. What a wonderful sign of unity it would be if we all did what you’re trying to do!


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