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So, I occasionally still lurk around here, but I rarely post anything. I spend a lot of mis-spent time over at Today, however, I stopped by to see what was going on and I noticed I’d gotten a PM about an old thread I’d started.

Whoo boy. How embarassing…

It’s good to know that a guy can change for the better even when he feels like he’s pretty stagnant. The thread I mentioned was about how I was so “confused” about my girlfriend, and how it was so haaaarrrrrd to make a decision. Blah, blah, blah. Whether by urgent promptings of the Holy Spirit or plain-old psychological clarity, I quit whining and got a ring. As the last post in that embarassingly emo thread noted, I’m now happily married.

Thanks to all for the advice.

Well, I’m 95% happily married. As noted ad nauseum on this board, particularly in Family Life, marriage is a huge adjustment and commitment. We still clash in many ways, but for the most part we’re a high-powered, finely tuned marriage machine. (Yes, as a matter of fact, I have learned the phrase “Yes, dear.”) Most of our problems, if you can call them “problems,” are things I don’t want to post on this board, but for the most part, we’re solid. If anything, I just wish she would learn to dial back the A-type personality. On the other hand, I could use an injection of ambition, but we both realize it and are doing great.

Her family is still off the radar, though. She’s since quit holding her nose about her conversion to Catholicism and seems to have embraced it with gusto. Her family assumed that’s where she was even before the wedding, and except for one sister’s nominal involvement, there has been no word. The loss of her relationship with her mom is particularly painful, and with Mother’s Day coming up, it’ll probably be a melancholy day. But we’re working on it…

Anyway, thanks to those of you who gave advice three years ago or somewhere thereabouts. Much of it was taken into consideration and bore fruit. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again–Internet folks are the best kind of folks there is. (Except for the one billion or so jerks out there. I’m not talking about them.) :wink:



Nice to hear from you again…


That 5% will probably keep you from getting bored years down the road. I’d be worried about anyone who thought they had reached perfection.


Yeh, I thought that was a pretty dead post as I read it. “Wait!” I thought, “Montanaman has been married and has* those* in-laws!” I’m glad to hear all is relatively well.



I noticed your old post pop up a while back that thought to myself: “self, I wonder what he is doing now, all these years later?” I searched your recent posts to find that you are happily married and thought it was funny. I had to scan back through some of my posts just to see what I had posted over 2 years ago, kinda (I use that word lightly) interesting.

Anyhow, thanks for the update! Gald to hear that things are going so well for you.

As dulcissima said, the 5% will keep you going! :thumbsup:


It’s so scary to go back and read those posts from a year ago. i am completely different women now. Frighten!


:confused: Wait a minute, do you mean to say your name isn’t “montanaman”? :confused: To think after all those years and all those posts…I guess you just can’t trust internet folks. Oh wait, maybe montanaman is your last name. That must be it.

Glad to read you’re adjusting to marriage well. Say hello to Mrs. Montanaman


I get that a lot. :wink:

And yes, Beckers, it’s truly humbling to read the stupid things we’ve written before. Every now and then I read journal entries I wrote in high school. Lots of blather about “how I’ve found myself” and how I’m “so in love with whoever.” Blah, blah, blah. In so many ways I’m discovering that the best possible response/approach to life is to keep yer yap shut. Works VERY well for me…


Well, you made me go looking for it but I finally found the wedding announcement: Congratulations! Hang on to that girl! She has come a long way with you and for you: keep strong, all the more now that little Murgatroyd is on the way!


The next day, I look at my own post and ask myself “was I drinking?”. Have you found a honeydew list yet? Honey do this , honey do that. See ya in the funny papers, Tim


Dude, I OWN the honeydo list!

On deck for tonight: Fix the garbage disposal which I…ah…“fixed” last weekend.


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