Lolcat Bible Translation

I found a link to this as I was reading about the popular internet meme, Lolcats, on Wikipedia. It’s a “translation” of the Bible into Lolcat language, and I’m trying to figure out whether this is bad or not. While it doesn’t really disrespect the Bible, and in fact the leader of the project is a Christian, but something about it just doesn’t seem right. Is this sacrilegious or not?

Here is a link to the main page.

Since the deuterocanonical books are missing this definitely isn’t THE bible, so I wonder if that renders the process NOT sacriligious. If someone tramples on a replica of the american flag that appears to be authentic but upon closer examination is noticeably different (missing a star, placement of the stars are different, stripes aren’t equal, perhaps) is that really offensive?

I’m thinking about the purpose behind the project. I find it interesting that bible christians think the way to evangelize is to get the bible alone into as many hands as possible, so it seems they modify it any which way that will appeal to various groups. This is just another one of those attempts.

Thing is, the bible alone isn’t going to save these people and the bible they are putting forth is incomplete so what they do to that bible to make it more appealing doesn’t seem sacriligious to me.

I don’t mind so much the aim of getting their bible in as many hands as possible because I do believe part of the bible is better than no bible at all, but I also think the holy spirit will lead people to seek more information after browsing through one of those bibles and they’ll eventually find their way home to Catholicism.

The project is incomplete simply because they haven’t finished it yet. They have about 61% translated so far, and are aiming to try to get it published once they do.

I’m pretty sure the intent here is not to evangelize, though it is funny as heck. I wouldn’t call it sacrilege, exactly, but it is treading close to the edge. I actually read a bit of Genesis, “I can haz light?” Chuckle.

I have to say that it is humorous, but I am a lolcat lover. It’s remarkable that people put so much effort into something so silly.

Here in Australia there’s a translation of the Bible into Australian slang, similarly (presumably) intended at least partly for humourous purposes. As a previous poster said, quite possibly it will lead some people to look at the real thing. Though I think it would tend to kind of be the other way around.

To appreciate a lolcat or Aussie slang bible you’d need to be thoroughly familiar with the real thing in the first place, so it can be assumed that those who are interested would’ve already read the regular bible thoroughly. It may be, with the Aussie bible at least, that the translation into Australian imagery really shows that the Bible is for people of all times and places. Not so sure about the lolcat one - unless we’re going the next step and trying to convert animals :shrug:

The lolcat bible would be more aimed at teens, I think.

And although my dogs are Catlick, I doubt they would read it.

I absolutely love LOLcats! It’s a cute idea, but at the same time, it seems kind of disrespectful. I don’t think it was intended to be disrespectful or mock, but I can definitely see how it would come across as such. But LOLcats are awesome!

Really? Most I have met are either Orthodogs or Mutthodist.

I did meet a Shi`itzu, once.

Hehehehe - Cute cute! :rotfl:

Well, my dad’s cows would definitely have to be Hindu cos they get treated so good they must think they’re sacred anyways :wink:

But my favourite non-cattlick religious leader would have to be the Dalai Llama :smiley:

I read the first few passages of it. I don’t think it’s offensive, just criminally annoying. The only way it could get more annoying would be if it were narrated by Jar Jar Binks.

I see this as more of a fun project for people that like both the bible and lolcats than an evangelizing tool. Nothing wrong with it.

Besides “moz kats iz catlikz alrediz”

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