Lombardi Trophy - A "Golden God?"

I was watching the trophy presentation. I watched as Joe Namath walked it up to the stage and I watched as the players, very understandably were excited to see the trophy that they worked sooooo hard to earn. Then I got to thinking, they sure seem to idolize this trophy. Then thinking further about it, the entire NFL idolizes it. There are BILLIONS of dollars paid throughout the NFL for a shot at winning that trophy. Do you think it might be sinful the way teams throw so much money into winning that trophy? Do we share in that by supporting their pursuit so vigorously?

It’s hard to say. If they pursue it to the exclusion of appropriate participation in their faith, yes, it is a sin. If not, probably not… tho’ the sins of pride and avarice may also be triggered by the pursuit or attainment of the trophy.

I didn’t see Troy Palomalu genuflect and bless himself in front of the trophy.:smiley: I saw a lot of praying going on (at one point, Big Ben and a group of Steelers were on one knee, in a circle, holding hands) and there was an article in the Register (I think?) about Troy Palomalu’s faith (I believe he’s Orthodox.) I never got the impression that they were “worshipping” the Lombardi Trophy any more than people crowding around a saint’s relics and wanting to touch them meant they were worshipping them, although a saint’s relics are far more worthy of veneration than a football shaped chunk of metal.

There’s a joke that football is the official state religion of Texas and I know some people get carried away that they think of football to the exclusion of everything else. But many NFL players, and the league itself, also seem to be very much involved in various charities, which they benefit by allowing their names to be used to promote them and by supporting them financially (Kurt Warner was awarded the Walter Payton Man of the Year award for supporting Habitat for Humanity and making donations in the amount of $1.5 million dollars.)

Anything can become an idol to anyone and the general public enjoying a sporting event isn’t contributing to that anymore than people shopping at a supermarket or dining out is contributing to anyone’s gluttony. Our money makes all those things available, and we can’t be held accountable for the actions of those that make something neutral into something bad by “overdoing” it.

Yes, Polamalu is Orthodox…


It’s not an idol.

They’re just proud to earn it. My daughters were competitive figure skaters, and the first time my daughter’s synchro team earned a spot on Team U.S.A. (International competition), she and many girls cried when they received their official “Team U.S.A.” jackets. One girl who had been on the team for 10 years said that she planned to sleep in the jacket.

It’s just natural to watch to touch and kiss something that you’ve been working so hard all your life to earn.

An ironic observation from a username like the OP… :ehh:


:thumbsup: (the OP is a closet Eagles fan)

HAHAHA! Nice. Actually I just figured it would be slightly more reverent than HOLY… err… nevermind.

And to Kathy, Actually, I’m a Chiefs fan. Sad Chiefs fan, but hopeful at the moment for next season.

Good discussion. I like all of the perspectives on this.

No. Billions are spent, but that is a cumulative total over hundreds of games and millions of people.

My mother used to claim they misspelled the false god of the old testament - BAAL - when it should have been spelled BALL. She usually said this when my brothers and I were watching a footBAAL game or baseBAAL game, or even a basketBAAL game instead of doing our chores or homework.

Of course we knew better. The real evil sport is Hockey*. :smiley:

  • This is a joke.
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