London Mayor Sadiq Khan Wants To Ban Cars In Light Of Recent Terror Attacks


First they banned guns, then they went after knives, now cars. Maybe they should try and ban rocks next. Don’t forget to force people to chop their own hands off, you know, to stop hand violence.


I think you will find that he is talking about the streets surrounding the Houses of Parliament. It would be an irritation for motorists but in the present climate a good idea.


what does that mean?


Well, obviously, the part-pedestrianisation of Parliament Square is one of the greatest threats to freedom ever known in the history of these islands.


1066 and all that.


AD 43 meant nearly 400 years of foreign rule.

“What have the Romans ever done for us?” and all that.


Many cities have areas closed to car traffic. It’s not a ban that someone in London is no longer able to own a car. Some areas will be closed to car traffic.


Of course. He doesn’t want the real problem addressed. But he does need something to blame and some pointless action to take. This is a perfect solution to Khan’s dilemma. A significant number of Londoners don’t even own cars so he doesn’t have to worry about angering them. In fact I’d bet his voters are more of the non car type.


As you happen to be in the know do you mind telling those of us like Kaninchen and meself who live in London what the ‘real problem’ is?


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