London riots: Harry Potter actor Jamie Waylett jailed

An actor who featured in the Harry Potter films has been jailed for two years for his part in the London riots.

Jamie Waylett, 22, who played Hogwarts bully Vincent Crabbe, was found guilty of violent disorder at London’s Wood Green Crown Court.

Waylett, of Hillfield Road, Hampstead, north-west London, admitted swigging from a stolen bottle of Champagne.

But the actor was cleared of intending to destroy or damage property with a petrol bomb he was pictured holding.

Waylett was with a gang of at least four people who went into Chalk Farm on 8 August.

Wonder if the guy who played Draco Malfoy will be next?

Who knows?

LOL. :rotfl::rotfl:

Oh the irony,he played a bad kid…and now he’s arrested for doing the same things the character might have done!

Can they please throw the rest of the cast in jail, too?:slight_smile:

What’s the matter with the Harry Potter movies/their cast? :shrug:

So the kid is famous and certainly has money but he decides to be a fool and loot? Stupid, Oh well, reap what you sow.

Well that’s just awkward.

The youth of today’s society really need our prayers.

God bless

LOL, now that you mention it, I suspected Tom Felton was one of those people stealing rice from Tesco… :rotfl:


He’s a nice guy really. Although I suspect (and have been proven by the recent planet of the apes film) that he’s always gonna be cast as a “baddie” because the general public already associate him with Malfoy.

I’m told they open up a gateway thought process that it’s OK to use magic and supernatural powers to gain advantage over your fellow man. Once again the devil scores huge in providing popular books and movies that the faithful must defend or caution against.

Or read and enjoy like a normal person, because normal people can distinguish between fiction and reality.

What’s next? Reading LOTR makes Catholics believe they’re orcs, danger!

pfft, Draco’s not evil, he’s just a wimp

Yes, he is a nice guy :wink: his life’s ambition is apparently to be a fisherman. You can’t be more genuine than that after starring in a major film series. His “dad” Lucius Malfoy (Jason Isaacs) is very down-to-earth in real life as well.

Unfortunately, yes.

Good actor, though.

And too bad about his receding hairline at such a young age. I can empathize, though, since I’m 40 and mostly bald.

Interesting thread.

Indeed. :LOL.

But apparently a wimp that has bands named after him and has several fan clubs.

Apparently folks in reali life go for fictional wimps.

Go figure.:shrug::stuck_out_tongue:

And a fandom of boy-crazy girls, including my niece who’s only SEVEN and is absolutely in love with Tom Felton. :rolleyes:

2 years for drinking a simple swig of champagne? He didn’t even steal the whole bottle?

Boy, I’m all for giving heck to rioters, but overreaction much???!

Some of the sentences handed out to the rioters were of the knee jerk reaction type. However if you read the article you will note this young man has a previous conviction as well and was also carrying a petrol bomb around with him during the rioting. He was rioted near where I used to work for about 5 years at one point and I know very well the Sainsburys he was at. The street is a major thoroughfare for many people, many of whom would still have been working as the shops there often open late, especially the pubs and food shops as the area is one in which a lot of live music is played at various locales. Thus it must have been quite terrifying for people caught up in the whole sequence of events. I live in Hackney where much of the trouble started and I avoided been in the initial riots by about 15 minutes because I was taking my wife home after dental surgery. We noticed all the streets seemed bizarrely quiet and the local Turkish shopkeepers were on guard outside their shops. I asked one of them I know what was going on and he said he had heard reports of trouble about a quarter of mile away from his friend. I recall how we felt with people rioting a few hundreds yard away after for the whole night and setting fire to things and smashing up the streets.

As Jharek says the sentences for any crimes related to the riots were deliberately set higher than normal. Judges were instructed (and quite happily complied) by politicians to make sentences unusually harsh. A lot of damage was done and not all shops were going to get enough compensation to cover their losses, so the least that could be done was to make sure perpetrators got severe sentences, regardless of their role.

I live in the Midlands in a major city, and some people tried to start a riot in a shopping centre. We were there shopping anyway on the date, and there were police vans outside and about a hundred policeman patrolling the mall in the last few hours it was open. The guy who created the facebook page trying to incite it was jailed too, even though nothing happened.

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