London stomps on Northern Ireland’s rights — and lives

Not today for sure, but this picture is from that bad place and time. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m about to see what that’s like actually. That’s something rather new for them, must be trying to branch out a bit and reach a new market. The stuff on the Irish revolutionary era will be of interest to my father as I say. His own father James was an IRA veteran as was mother’s father Thomas during that era.

It’s was on those trucks long before WW2 in Dublin and not associated with the Nazis, on them for quite a long time after WW2 also.

The Swastika is a solar symbol and originally associated with good fortune. It pops up in loads of cultures, the Nazis perverted its meaning sadly. The taint is likely to cling to it for centuries yet, at least in Europe and some other areas. It had been used before them in a variety of faiths, including Christianity. Sadly they left their vile mark on that ancient symbol.

Gives me the shudders when I see it on Hindu temples.

Understandable. It was also used in medieval Christian art and Eastern Christianity, I think as a result of the WW2 era more artists would likely refrain from doing so for a long time again unless it formed some vital part of their tradition. It is as you point out used heavily in Hinduism as it has been for a long, long time.

I also used to see it (albeit backwards) on signs for vegetarian Buddhist restaurants in Taipei.

The Finns used a variation on it on their aircraft roundel in WW2, contrary to urban legend that wasn’t adopted to please the Nazis but because it was long used in their culture with its older meaning. You find it in Slavic cultures as well, but like Kaninchen many people from those now have an understandably negative reaction to it.

Edit :-One place I’d forgotten they pop up a lot and it’s sadly tragic and ironic considering the fate of the Armenian people in the genocide that destroyed many of them. On memorial and funeral stones in Armenian culture.

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