Loneliness ................................... ......

believe me, i know. it’s my constant companion

Yes, it sucks, but one can cope with it as long as there is HOPE. :wink:

Feelings of loneliness, to the spiritual seeker, can give way to a greater understanding of identity and “self” in a divine way. Once you enter “Christ consciousness” as some call it or “born of the spirit” as Jesus called it, you will have a sense of complete belonging whether alone or in a crowd.

Holiness. Ask for it at your local prayer hearing station. :slight_smile:


Call your local parish and find out when they offer Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Then, go and spend time with our Lord. Instant cure for loneliness, and a restoration of your faith is thrown in for free. You have only loneliness to lose.

Get involved in something where you’re helping other people. You’ll make good friends, and you’ll be needed.


We at Catholic Answers are your many friends in ciberspace,and you belong, together with us, as a member of the same family in Christ.:grouphug:

I almost feel like Patrick Kauffan and Jimmy Akin are my friends cause I listen to their Podcasts everyday. :thumbsup:

Buddy, I know how it feels. If you have alot of free time go and pray at your local church. When you are not praying go to the gym and work out. Start attending church events. Dont know your gender or age, but Prayer is first then work out at a gym, these things will help get you motivated to go out and meet people.

i can’t, i’m sick and a shut in…

If you have not received the sacraments in some time, call you parish. A priest can visit and absolve you and offer you Holy Communion. It will be the beginning of the end of your loneliness. John 15 is a nice reflection here.

I agree. I hope this helps. You can see a live web cam image of the exposed Blessed Sacrament at this web site.


I noticed you said you were a shut in, so I really hope this helps. Think of it as making a Skype call to our Lord Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. The image is live and in real time. God Bless you. :angel1: :gopray2:

really hurtin with pain and lonliness tonight…

I just want to share this from minute mediations

**In Solitude With God **
While difficult to see at first, there is a difference between loneliness and being alone. Healthy relationships with others and with God require times of being alone with the other.

Quo Vadis, Lord, quo vadis…

Call your parish and let them know you are sick and a shut in.
They will take it from there. God bless you.

i have, thank you

I feel your pain but right in this moment I only wish to be lonely…

I’m sorry you are so lonely, i wish i could make you feel less lonely somehow, but unfortunately it’s not very possible to preform the corporal works of mercy online…but i will pray for you, and perhaps you can find comfort in these -

we cannot always help how we feel, even though Jesus is always with us, we can’t always feel His closeness, but sometimes it helps if we think of His own loneliness, not just during His earthly life and passion, but even now, how lonely He feels for each individual soul, longing simply for a glance, but receiving only coldness, Jesus understands how you feel, and He knows very well how to heal your heart…and perhaps by offering up your loneliness to Him, to comfort Him in His loneliness, then in turn He will comfort you in yours.

i wish i could do more, but i will keep you in my prayers, take care.

Loneliness IMO tells us that something’s out of balance, that something is missing in our lives. However i believe there is life beyond loneliness. You may be needing to learn ways of connecting with yourself, others and God. All of us feel lonely from time to time. A bit of loneliness, like abit of rain, falls on everyone. Usually the skies clear soon enough, but when they don’t, I think it may be a sign that one needs to look deeper into themselves. Depression and loneliness are not foreign to me either Utullian. Sometimes it is very difficult to work your way through the tangled web of emotions that surround lonliness. I try and get myself out and about when feeling low.
Focusing your thoughts on other people really does take your mind off your own situation. Jesus tells us to come to him and he will lighten out load. That is a promise. We just need to get into his word and read and read until relief comes - which is does. Well it has for me. An active life leaves little room for loneliness. May i suggest you get more involved in your churches activities.
Christian hugs and love to you Itullian

P.S Actually todays reading from a day by day book i have is:
Don’t worry!! Matthew 6v25
This is not a suggestion. It is a command. You may say, “But I can’t help feeling anxious (lonely, sad etc), I have always been this way”…
My response is “oh yes you can.” There is nothing about a circumstance that automatically creates anxiety, sadness etc…
Anxiety occurs because of the way we respond to a problem or a troubling situation. Your ability to choose is part of God’s gift of free will to every human being. You can choose how you feel. You can choose what you think about and you can choose how you will respond to a circumstance.

Hope this helps you
Bye for now:)

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