Lonely- am I or just telling myself


I feel lonely. Or Its just a story that I created in my mind? I have my parents, Jesus. Why Im complaining? Dunno. Maybe I need a hug from my mom or dad? Mom hugged me more when I was a kid. Now im 18 and its completely mixed. I want to trust Jesus but then I fall into self abuse and regret it. What to do? I want to love Jesus, to follow Him. I want to love my parents no matter what was the past(FYI I didnt get any violence nor sth like that, I had normal childhood). Afraid to tell them Id probably need a psychological help. Or is it fake? Maybe I dont need it? Its also hard to meet with known priest to talk. For me its hard. Maybe i dont need any medical help, but only real trust in Jesus? To trust like a child that trusts his dad and mom. I want to be loved but cant appreciate what my parents do. Even being with me! Am I hypocrite?


Please speak to a priest and a psychologist. We will all pray for you, but there is far too much here for random strangers on the internet to handle. Impurity is a difficult vice to conquer, so don’t beat yourself up over it. Your posting history, meanwhile, suggests debilitating, chronic scrupulosity. You must STOP posting here. Seriously, STOP. It will feed and feed this issue, one with which only a trusted priest and mental health professional can deal with. This is the only correct response to your question. Christ is our Lord and Saviour, but even trust in him cannot replace the aid of a mental health professional. Seek help immediately.

Dilemma where to go

People were made to be social creatures. If you’re not very social, especially with the ones you love, of course you can become lonely. It’s not just in your head. Spend some good time with your loved ones, do something fun together like go to the beach or go camping, and see if that helps.


Look for ways to help other people.


I cant stop posting here. Its relieving my stress a bit and I can seek help and sympathy. I dont need to look at face.
Im a hypocrite a bit. I want to be loved but I dont see small things.
Professional help? Dont know. Maybe first I need to contact priest whether my problems are psychical or spiritual. Just need a person that could listen to me. To listen what I say.

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Loneliness will never go away. Sorry.

I’m married with a kid. I literally have EVERYTHING I ever wanted, even as a kid. I am still lonely. There are times my husband is distant and my son only wants me to rock him back to sleep. It happens. It’s life. There’s nothing wrong with you, it’s perfectly natural.

I honestly think that loneliness in our soul, even when we know we have all we need, is our soul crying out to God. We have holes in our hearts SO BIG that only God can fill them, and that loneliness is our soul calling out to Him. :slight_smile: My advice? None, really. But to pray. If you find something better, let me know! :slight_smile:

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