'Lonely' Italian went to Switzerland to die

… Oriella Cazzanello, 85, travelled to a clinic in the Swiss city of Basel, where she paid €10,000 for an assisted suicide, Articolo Tre reported.

Her family only learnt of her death after they received an urn containing her ashes and a death certificate from the clinic on Tuesday, Vicenza Today reported.

The news website, Leggo, reported that Cazzanello had not been ill and chose to end her life because she was “lonely” and “tired of of old age”.


The fact that this is legal is simply horrible.

Doctors are supposed to cause not harm, how can these guys live with themselves?!?! :mad:

This appeared in an Ann Landers column when I was little, as my father, was much, much older when I was born:

It Was Grandfather’s Birthday by Rudy Joe Mano

It was Grandfather’s birthday. He was 79. He got up early, shaved, showered, combed his hair and put on his Sunday best so he would look nice when they came. He skipped his daily walk to the town cafe where he had coffee with his cronies. He wanted to be home when they came. He put his porch chair on the sidewalk so he could get a better view of the street when they drove up to help celebrate his birthday. At noon, he got tired but decided to forgo his nap so he could be there when they came. Most of the rest of the afternoon he spent near the telephone so he could answer it when they called. He has five married children, 13 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. One son and a daughter live within 10 miles of his place. They hadn’t visited him for a long time. But today was his birthday and they were sure to come. At suppertime, he left the cake untouched so they could cut it and have dessert with him. After supper, he sat on the porch waiting. At 8:30, he went to his room to prepare for bed. Before retiring, he left a note on the door that read: “Be sure to wake me when you come.” It was Grandfather’s Birthday. He was 79.

The doctors believe that they are alleviating suffering. They are misguided.

The reason why the elder lady felt suicidal could have been handled much, much better.

Must be heartbreaking for the family.

My friends a couple aged 60 and 59, were having hard times. He was a chemist and she a stay at home mum of three grown children, even though she had a MA degree and was highly intelligent.
My friend the chemist fought against clinical depression all his life and had been admitted to a mental hospital for a few weeks at that stage. His wife, who over the years of mental inactivity had become an alcoholic, rang me , a friend since her Uni days, to tell me that because her husband had controlled all the money and bank accounts to stop her getting money for her grog stashes she used to hide around the house, she was without food.
I and my wife went down and tried to get her to see a doctor, buy some supplies and promised to visit her every week with continued support. She wouldn’t see a doctor nor go to hospital although having lost body weight and losing muscle tone as the classic alcoholic goes without food relying only on the sugar from the wine.
Anyway, I rang her youngest daughter, a mining engineer, who told me that her mother was lying that the middle son visited her every Saturday to feed the cat and bring in supplies. Her mum was just looking for attention. The next day my friend rang to say that her husband had returned from the mental hospital and she was alright. I rang back the daughter to get her to visit along with the middle son as the eldest son, a lawyer, did not want anything to do with his mother as she had falsely accused her husband of domestic violence to cover for her drunken falls. The husband had nearly lost his chemist’s license.
My wife and I retreated under the assurances of the kids that they would visit every week, and with the husband’s return.
Two months later both the bodies of my friends were found by police doing a care call from neighbour’s concerns having been dead at least five weeks before being discovered.
Murder suicide; death, suicide’ who is to know, but I continue to blame myself to this day for retreating from the situation thinking kids care for their parents.

I don’t know, I’m just not surprised by any of this. Lack of love and hope leads to death. These days people get assistance to die, it is not messy like ‘normal’ suicide and it guarantees death. I think we will see much more of this.

So he was basically depressed. He could have found some friends, popped some Citalopram and would have been happier. Now he’s dead.

So no more involuntary hospital admissions for suicidal people then?

This is really a sad thread.:crying:

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