lonely wife

,Im not sure what the right answer is. But he knows your frustrated and he is most likely frustrated to. I can imagine that it would be better getting yourself of than cheating physically. Me, i struggle with sexual temptation constantly. My wife doesnt understand it. She doesnt want to go that often and we fight alot about how messed up i am. It got so bad i cheated in everyway except physically (talking, chatting, lusting, masturbation, porn, etc.) Of course im not very good at this stuff so my wife caught me, twice.

For me now i challenge it. I know i can beat it, so let it come, ill surpass temptation. That only works sometimes. So i wear my brown scapular and my rosary. That really helps. But sin is sin. And temptation well thats why its called temptation. Otherwise it wouldbe easy. Im not as smart as everyone else, i dont have an answer or fix for ya. But im here for you, we are here for you. God is here for you.

Sorry for the inflamitory remarks. I was talking about another post we talked on. It has nothing to do with this, and this isnt the place. My apologies.


That’s not what I said! I enjoy sex with my husband, and I believe that’s God’s plan. I just think we should be able to enjoy sex without needing to be masturbated.

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