Long A Bastion Of The Left, Tuscany Is Turning Hard Right

That has been true since WWII but wasn’t really the case before - the Fascists got 70% of the vote in 1924, for example.

Italian politics has a history of ineptitude, bureaucracy and corruption, it’s a tribute to the Italian people that the place ‘works’ at all but the more things change, the more they remain the same.

Meanwhile, currently, it’s ‘immigrants’ (Africans/Muslims) to blame for what’s wrong, before it was ‘immigrants’ (Roma and Albanians - who are largely Muslim) to blame. Until ‘immigrants’ came along, it was Calabrians and Sicilians.

Aspirants to the post of Duce should remember that, without tourists, the place would be more economically problematic than it even is now.

Which made it a bastion of the Left.

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