Long-distant spiritual director


Do you think it is not a good idea to have a long-dstant spiritual director?




I honestly can’t fathom how it would work for me, but I know people who are fine with that. Have you tried calling the diocesan offices? Try contacting the director of the Spiritual Direction institute at tinyurl.com/5d4ntk.



I think a long-distance spiritual director could work out if you were able to meet in-person once a month and also for the first couple of times. There is so much information about people that is (consciously or not) communicated in non-verbal ways and even some deception can take place (purposely or not - the internet does harbor some very sad people).


I will plan not to have a long-distant spiritual director; however, my Godfather who is a priest now and also a spiritual director is willing to help along. It’s a blessing for me that he’s always there for me even though he has his own parish to look after.


Thank you, Augustine!


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