Long Island Medium?


Sin or not to watch?


Is there anything on that show that is sinful?


I'm not sure if watching it is a sin per se but it seems to me to be a distraction from focusing on the one true God and you know what happens when we take our eyes off of Him... we sink like Peter. Before I became Catholic I used to watch programs about ghosts but now I won't because I don't want to contribute in any way to higher ratings which may help these programs stay on the air. It seems to me that they are distractions from God that promote and/or endorse the occult and I do believe that delving into the occult is sinful.

What do you think?


She's a medium. She talks with the dead. Catholics aren't supposed to do that. But she's also a really nice lady and she seems like the real deal, and she has a drive to help people who are hurting. So its an issue for Catholics - to watch or not?

I don't think its a sin to watch the show, per se. But it can lead one to start to day dream about contacting her or someone like her, and since we aren't supposed to do that, I avoid the show.


It's entertainment.... thats all... is watching Criminal minds a sin because your watching a Crime happen ? Nope... it's just entertainment..... If I had my way I'd bring back I Love Lucy in the old black& Whites... just good plain funny entertainment...


It could be a sin if you actually believe in that nonsense.


I think the woman’s hair might be a sin.


Are they dead, if their spirits can be reached?

Do you believe in religious ''mediums"?

But caution is advised. It is one thing to gain knowledge of the enemy, it is another to have to do battle against. The only defense, LOVE and you'd best make sure you are there with God. It's not playtime.


I realise this is going off the original question a little… but I have known 2 women on
two separate occasions that were Mediums … but they also believed in Jesus and went to church… they believe that they had a gift… and only did good… they refuted evil…
Did they commit a sin ?


I actually think her hair is very attractive.

As far as if its a sin to watch her show or not, I’m not quite sure. We’re suppose to avoid anything having to do with fortune telling, the occult, tarot cards…even if they are purely for entertainment value. I’ve never seen an actual whole episode of this show. But I’d probably have less of a problem watching her show than I would “Sister Wives” since its a basically a show about adulterous relationships.


This is a very ignorant statement. Pornography is entertainment. Does it make it a sin to watch that? Yes. Not only is it sinful but things like this show ya’ll are talking about will lead from one thing to another. It starts by you just watching the show. Then to becoming more scared of the dark and cautious of things that aren’t even there. Then you start trying to talk to souls yourself. You want to talk to souls? PRAY FOR THEM! Turn the show off, get on your knees and say a rosary for the souls that are trapped in purgatory. My advice to everyone is to stop trying to make things not sinful and just give them up. Learn how to suffer a little bit. Do you think Jesus hanging on the cross is a fairy tell?


Yes. Spiritism, in all forms, even if contacting just ‘good’ spirits, has been condemned by the Church. The demons believe in Jesus, too.


Mary Ellen, then how is it that you believe in intercession? How is that we have a relationship with the Holy Spirit? How is it that 'intuitions' or 'messages' from God, have moved old and new testaments entities to 'miracles'?


Pragmatism can lead to the discipline necessary for higher levels of grace attainment, however, to ignore all other, is this not wrong? Do these people who only believe that going to mass and saying the rosary, devoid of all feeling and communion, really think that their's is an attainment of grace?


Mary_Ellen there are more things to life than what meets the eye…


Its only a sin to watch pornography.
It is simply unwise (but not a sin) to watch anything that might negatively affect our faith.


I cannot watch that show. How disgusting it is. That show is so over the top it’s as if they are showing people how to kill.

Very good point.... and I Agree totally ... But do you think we should Question Faith & the Church on teaching or follow blindly ?

Very true.... Thats why I prefer the old I love Lucy shows... there on only as a time filler 

after mid night… It’s genuine Humour… the new generation wouldn’t understand it because has no Gutter Humour


“It is simply unwise (but not a sin) to watch anything that might negatively affect our faith.
Yesterday 5:15 pm”

This I definitely agree with! If it undermines your faith in any way, shape, or form, do not go there. This is not play time. It is not spiritual daredevilness. If you don’t think that you can fight a spiritual battle and win, don’t go there. How strong is your faith, your love, and your relationship with God?

And please, in your zeal for your Catholicism, do not undermine anyone else’s faith foundation if it is positive toward belief in God and the ten commandments. Leave that for the trained in these areas, refer them to a priest, a nun, a catholic educator as you might impede significant progress. The best thing you can do is set the best example in living your own life as a Christian for them…living that love. So, what would they think of you as a Catholic watching that show? Christian? is it a dichotomy or some sort of double standard from your values?


[quote="Phil_Marinus, post:17, topic:328852"]
Very good point.... and I Agree totally ... But do you think we should Question Faith & the Church on teaching or follow blindly ?


Did God give us the ability to reason? Did God give us free will? There are times of imminent danger, where following blindly is paramount. There are times when following blindly is deadly. 'A house divided against itself..' etc.. If we were merely to follow blindly, where would some leaders have taken us? Oh my someone fallen away and we didn't realize...wow, like germany and hitler? A diseased man in charge of a nation, losing his mind. Jim Jones? One might even wonder at, is it, Innocent VIII? But so many to choose from?

Innocence of a child...eyes and sense of an eagle.....

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