Long Latin Translation Challenge

Well since this forum section seems to be the place for both secular and religious latin translations I thought I may post this challenge here and see if anyone wants to take it up. :smiley:

Since I saw Ratatouille yesterday I have been messing around, doing various searches, and viewing some of the trailers. I decided that it may be fun to try to translate one into latin - and so I attempted this one. If anyone else would like to try it that’d be awesome. Really test your latin skills.

And just to let everyone know I am playing myself this is what I have so far:

“Lutetia, urbs maxima in toto orbe, maxime si desideratis esse cocum. Non est locus melior ad discendum cocturae deliciae quam Gusteau’s – caupona elegans in tota Lutetia. Hoc est ego - rectus est, sum ratus. Quod finit opportunitates meas ad laborandum. Non possum desistere – amo alimentum bonum compostionem incredibilem gustatus et odorum. Id est incrediblis!”

And a few broken sentences after that.


So no one wants to try… :frowning:


Speaking only for myself, I just have no interest in Ratatouille.

However, if you are seeking an outlet for your expression, you might try the *Sermo Latinus (Latine) * or “Latin to English Translation” areas of the LatinForum.

who contributes to the *De Chucko Norre *thread when he can :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome, ty.


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