Long lines today?


Do you think there will be long lines for confession today?


Is there normally long lines in your Parish for Saturday confession?


yes. always long lines (15-20 people for each priest)....if you think that is long. It eats up the hour, they never sit and wait.


Yes, there are lines at my parish today. We have had confession times every day this week and there have been lines then too. :smiley: Our priests will wait until the lines run out.


At our parish, we added confession time to the daily Masses this week and had a special evening time to avoid such an issue. Maybe the suggestion can be made to one’s pastor to do the same?

It also helps to have a teaching to remind people to use the whole preparatory season of Advent and Lent for confessions and not wait for the very last chance session before Christmas and Easter.


No line for me today. In fact I had to look for the priest (although it was at the very beginning of the time set aside). Our parish did have a 12 hour day of reconciliation on Wednesday, so perhaps that is why.


Yes, they were long. I got there only about 5 minutes ahead of time and I was 11th or 12th in line. We have had an evening with priests outside the parish and this past week all of our priests heard confessions for extra time. I guess it is a good thing that people want to be prepared for the birth of our Lord. Merry Christmas!


We have Confession 6 days a week so there are no particular days with long lines.

The busiest time of year for Confessions is usually coming up to Easter because that is when you are required to receive Communion. Any other time of the year is not mandatory but of course recommended frequently.


At my parish, scheduled confession times are Sunday mornings and there is almost always a short line. At the local parish (Roman), they have confession scheduled every Saturday from 3:00-4:30 and 7:00-8:00. They usually have 2 or 3 priests hearing confessions and there has been a line for each priest every time I’ve been there. I didn’t make it today, but they scheduled extra confession times this week. The schedule included 4 hours of confessions on Friday, 4 hours today (Saturday) and 2 hours on Christmas Eve.


The last confession our parish had was last Tuesday. It was a Penance service . There were 20-30 priests to hear confessions. They do that during Lent also. No more confessions until after Christmas.

Normally we have lines everytime no matter what the season is.


It was very crowded today. There were 4 priests with about 6-9 people in line at the end of the hour. I came at halfway into the hour, and I never made it – Mass started. I get very anxious when I’m in line. That feeling I try to remember when I feel tempted to sin.

Fortunately, the priests hold a second hour at 730pm after they have their dinner after the vigil mass. I went back after sitting at a coffee shop. There were again 10-15 people at that hour.


I try to get in line (or start the line ;) ) a half an hour before confession begins. More time to reflect and you should be one of the first in line. :)


=ermcma;10162915]Do you think there will be long lines for confession today?


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