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About 18 months ago I went back to confession after 27 ys . I confessed, beside the rest, to a long habit of solitary sins against purity(acts) . I gave no more details, apart from saying it had died away, and the priest asked no questions about it. In the about 12 confessions that have followed I didn’t mention the subject again because I’ve had (thank God) nothing to say. But in these last days, I have remembered two sins of the past that I had forgotten. One I know I must mention next time. The other is a particularly horrible sexual fantasy that I indulged in a few times some 15 ys ago but never acted upon. Must I mention it too? I had much rather not, but seen that the Lord has mercifully relieved me of all problems in this area since I came back, I’m sort of fearing He might change His mind if I don’t take care…


Dear hui,

You do need to mention the fantasy that you deliberately entertained, but you do not need to go into anymore detail than you have here.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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