Long shot: can anyone assist?

Does anyone recognize this?

I stopped by this odd antique/“funky stuff” store yesterday and I saw this hanging on the wall above a door.

I am sorry for the horrible video quality, it could not be helped, all I had was my cell phone and a bad angle.


This is an old lithograph, it is obvious much of the original painting is cut off, they were asking $450 for it. WHich may or may not be appropriate…

It is obviously a variation on a painting we all know, however their is no food or anything on the table, just the bread and He is holding the wine.

Does anyone recognize it? The signature seemed to say something like C RUGE| With the “|” being the frame cutting off the rest of the sig. The C and the G could have been either or.

Obviously parts of the picture are cut off due to the frame, but I think it may even be cut down in size from the original.

What really caught my eye was the odd expressions on the apostle’s faces, something about it makes me keep thinking about it.

I’d like to learn more about this, I may purchase this one but I would like to learn more and see if their is a full version around first, assuming it is cropped.

Can anyone assist? Many thanks!

God Bless,



Thanks all

Glad we could help! :wink:


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