Longest Conclave?

I was browsing some of the videos on CNN and one of their “experts” in one video said that the shortest conclave was 2 hours long, and the longest conclave was almost 3 years long. Is there any truth to the 3 year conclave? If so, which prior and which elected pope were involved, and when (what years) did it occur?

Yes the papal election of Pope Clement IV it took place between November 1268 to September 1, 1271. This is due to the Avaion papacy and internal troubles in the Church. This is why they (whoever hosts the conclave) started the sequestered Cardinals and other practices to speed up the election. The votes were tied 6-10 until they removed the roof and food supplies.

I was wondering about that. Because my friends and I were talking about the Conclave the other night and we were saying how we hope we have a Pope before World Youth Day in August and a Pope by Easter. That would be nice. I never knew what the longest Conclave was.

A three year conclave?? Oh my goodness!

Three YEARS without a Holy Father would be awful!!

But for us I think we’ll just have to wait a few weeks. Pope Benedict (or someone) said we should definitely have a new pope before Easter.

Now we just have to anxiously await our new shepherd!! :slight_smile: and pray for him, and for Pope Benedict.

3 years won’t happen now for two reasons:

  1. now they look for a saint and scholar not a political leader, the advantage of loosing the Papal states.

  2. JP2 changed the rules a little to prevent deadlocks like that - in certain extreme cases, 50%+1 can be valid instead of 2/3.

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