Longing for the Eucharist


I was just wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience.

I was just sitting her at my desk and all of a sudden I had and still do have a longing for the Eucharist. I went to 7:25 Mass this morning and did have tears after receiving the Eucharist. Anyone had a similar experience that would like to share?


We should all be so blessed. God bless:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


Up until this past Sunday, I had not had the Sacraments in over a year. I was married in a civil ceremony and so I could not go to Confession, receive Holy Communion etc. This past Sunday, however, my wife and I had our marriage convalidated. So I know what you mean: I almost cried when I received Holy Communion.


How wonderful for you.


During my adolescence I used to go to confession only twice a year and recieve Communion 4-5 times. It was because I didn’t understood how important it is to recieve our Lord and especially because going to confession was a really difficult thing for me to do. However, about 3 years ago, I began to experience a real longing for the Eucharist, at each Mass I would almost cry because I couldn’t go to Communion, and every Sunday I would make a promise to myself that next week I will make peace with God and join the others. Unfortunately, I kept delaying making this step, and with these weak resolutions I was getting nowhere, despite my strong desire to be closer to God.
So, about a year ago, out of the blue, God gave me the power to go to confession fearleesly. For a moment, I had no difficulty, no pain, no anxiety…and now I can say that I recieve the Sacrements more regulary, even if the grace of courage that I had back then comes rarely, I still experience a lot of fear, but it’s better that before. With this step ahead in my spiritual life, my longing for the Eucharist diminished, in the sense that I still want to go to Communion, but it is not anymore that strong pull to go. Now it’s my turn to make an effort. But I’m still very emotional when I think that Jesus was calling me to recieve Him and that He helped me in every way possible to make this happend. :heart:


What a great story. Thank you for sharing.

My longing varies in intensity from day to day. For most of my life, I did not have a longing, I just received because of Jesus’ words “unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His Blood you will not have life in you.” I just took Him at His Word. However, now for a while, I do have a longing. I have been studying more on the Church Tradition and Scriptures concerning the Eucharist, which I have come to understand so much deeper than when I was younger what the Eucharist really is.

On day, after receiving Jesus, a prayer came to me, a prayer of thanksgivings and I say this prayer each time I receive Jesus.

       Eternal Father, I thank you for the Gift of your Son; Jesus, I thank you for the Gift of your life, your Body, Blood and Heart that nourishes us on our journey into eternity to you.

I hope you again experience those moments of longing for Him. Ask Him for this grace to grant you the desire to receive, at least from time to time.

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