Longing for the marital embrace when you're not married questions

Is this what St. Paul meant by “to burn”? Are there any specific prayers to pray when this longing becomes strong? Is praying for a spouse appropriate for the circumstances? Please advise…
P.S. I am well past age 50 and not dating

Of course you may pray for a spouse. Nothing wrong with that. But you do need to be involved in finding someone. I asked you this before, but have you considered online dating? Catholicmatch or AveMariaSingles? There are members on CAF that found their spouses that way. (There are also threads about whether anyone met their spouse online.:wink: )

Here you go:


I haven’t tried Catholic online dating. I have been dealing with memories of intimate times in previous relationships which were not godly. I need to pray away those memories and pray for a wife and possibly the dating you mentioned. Becoming Catholic entails extreme spiritual warfare and I am at war.

No use reliving the past if it was ungodly. You may feel a great weight lifted after you go to reconciliation, Frank. And that is when you will be able to put the past completely behind you.

Check out the link I posted to the old thread about online dating. It might get you going in the right direction and give you hope. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Single person here with sexual desires, yeah I am normal. It is not easy, and I say this as someone who doesn’t even have a very strong sexual desire. I have to admit it isn’t bothering me lately. However - And it does not help when people say that chastity is just as hard for married people. Well duh, at least they get to experience the embrace sometimes, compared to being single, when you cannot act on those desires at all.

So maybe pray for God to remove the desire? But i think this is only okay if you feel called to being single. If not, then probabl it’s not wise to do it.

I went through some time asking God to remove my desire for marriage, to have children, to remove sexual desire. It may sound weird, but i seemed to have tried everything, and so i went tnis route. Last time I checked, I still want these, so now I am past the stage of doubting.

I think I may be through the worst of this “phase” (?)…
Paul is right: “it is better to marry than to burn”. The temptation is horrible when you have no spouse.

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