Look at how a Corpus Cristi procession was done BEFORE Vatican II

Pope Pius XI on the sedia gestatoria kneeling with the blessed sacrament in his hands.

Here is a color photo of Bl. John XXIII in procession

Absolutely spectacular. I was about to post here bragging about the three processions I took part in this year, but I believe I’ve been silenced. :smiley:

If only Benedict would do something like this in our time.

Look at how a Corpus Christ procession was done AFTER Vatican II:





**AWESOME! But I was really talking about the one the Pope takes part in. But I gotta hand it to you these pics are nice.:thumbsup:

:thumbsup: Full collection is here. It’s great to see when these traditions are not only kept up but really given the treatment.

Wow!! If only that sight could be seen on every Main St in every town!

When I lived in Charleston, SC, the Corpus Christi Procession down King St. was also a beutiful procession to be a part of.

In the video , I posted above of the Corpus Christi procession held at Saint Peter’s Square last year, the difference is that Pope Benedict is not on the sedia gestatoria and there is no flabella in the procession. Other than , it is basically the same thing.

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