Look at this sad nonsense

That Women’s Pretend Priests thing…


Well, in all honesty, except for the female priests and deacons, it could have been any one of hundreds of Pauline Rite Masses I’ve been to over the years.:eek: Heck it was more reverent than a lot of them were. Sorry, but thats the truth.

As an aside though, I haven’t heard the prayer to Sofia since the mid eighties or so.

How cute, they think they are priests. It must be fun pretending the whole way through…

On a more serious note, I will pray for them and all the people who are separated from the One, Holy, Catholic Church.

I have always wondered why many women in this world, are not content living their lives…as women. The feminist movement…what’s it trying to say? I am a believer in a woman making the same money doing the same job as a man…but not pretending to be men. There is a problem when women are taught that in order to be treated equal as men…we need pretend to be them? I mean…is that the goal in life for some women? To be men?

We are different, and unique…yet equal in God’s eyes. I feel for these female “priests” because they are striving to be something they are not.:frowning: We need to keep them in our prayers.

What I’m wondering is where these women practise their ministry. They’re obviously not allowed in or near Catholic Churches, and since they call themselves “catholic” they probably don’t do things in other demonination’s Churches.

Then again, it’s a good thing that they have no “base”.

I’m hoping that the Holy Father makes an Infallible declaration that women cannot be ordained. Given that these people are still around shows that JP2 statement that the Church doesn’t have the power to ordain women wasn’t quite clear enough.

Actually, I think the Pope has been pretty clear that these women and anyone taking the host from them, are committing a mortal sin, and I believe the women would be ex-communicated unless they repent. But, then again, these women might not want to be connected with the Vatican? That is where the difference comes in…is that the Pope said that they are not in any way associated or advocated by the Vatican. The RCC in other words, does not recognize these women as priests, or as part of the Church. That is my recollection from an excerpt read on Relevant Radio last year, when this type of thing started to build.

I watched about the first 30 seconds and it made me ill - I had to turn it off. This is just so wrong beyond belief.


In this, thou hast spoken rightly.

Oh. My. God. :eek:

You mean female priests, deacons, and the Real Presence of Christ aside it could have been one of the hundreds Pauline Rite Masses.

Christ is present in the most valid but irreverent Mass. He is not present in the most reverent but invalid one.

I pray for the conversion of hearts of all women “priests” and for the souls of those departed.

They must think the Church is a lesbian or something…


On another side note. Did another notice the age of the people in attendance? Right at the beginning of the clip you get a good view. I couldn’t seem to find anyone without gray or graying hair.

Oh wait. I see two now but even those two look like they are 50. It’s strange how National Catholic Reporter and heterodox Catholics make such a fuss about these “ordinations.”

I agree with the dissidents that they do point to something. Look at those leading the group. Look at those particpating. Look at those in attendance. 95% born before the 1960. The “Spirit of Vatican II” is in its violent death throws. I don’t mean Vatican II, I mean what people falsely attribute to Vatican II. The supporters of heterodoxy and dissent are watching their numbers freefall while seminaries fill to the brim with bright, young, orthodox Catholics. We are in the midst of renewal. Take hope!

St. Alphonsus Liguori, patron saint of vocations, pray for us!

There is nothing the pope could say that would change their course. They are willfully outside the Church.

While there are so many issues with this, the biggest problem I see is that they seem to insist on calling themselves “Roman Catholic”. I fear that an unsuspecting traveler could unwittingly stumble upon one of their performances and then end up missing Mass.

They have a website. It appears they are usually performing in hotel conference rooms. Hopefully they don’t ever create a permanent location and call it a church. This would definately cause some confusion. We just have to make sure it never shows up on MassTimes.org.

Looking at the age of most of the people associated with this “movement” I suspect that a majority of them were hippies in the 60s-70s.

I hate to think of what their stance is on subjects like abortion, but I can guess.

Wow. Listen to those “prayers”.

“May the god who is [dark?] and ancient and divine within us…”

“My sisters and brothers, let us pray together that these our gifts may remind us of Jesus our brother who led us from death to life, from racism to reconciliation.” Note the awkward pause, because no one knows when this “prayer over the gifts” is over. Then they respond “May god accept the gifts from our hands, for the praise and glory of god’s name, for our good, and the good of all god’s church.”

And they changed the words of the Ordinary too. “Wisdom Sophia, have mercy.” Then there’s “May god dwell in you” instead of “The Lord be with you”.

There’s so much discord when they’re singing the Sanctus. Some are singing it normally, but one woman is “singing” very loudly:
Holy, holy, holy god,
god of ???], god of Light [Love?],
Heaven and earth are full of your glory!
Hosanna in the highest!
Blessed the one who comes in the name of our god.
Hosanna in the highest,
Hosanna in the highest!

The funniest (saddest) part was “Fill us with Christ’s spirit, through our sharing in this meal. May Christ take away all that divides us. May this spirit keep us always in communion with Benedict our Pope, Patricia and Timothy our bishops…”

That’s not the Spirit of Christ they have there. That’s not going to keep them in communion with Pope Benedict XVI.

I never said that the Mass was valid.

Whether or not Christ is truly present in the Mass depends on several things. I somehow doubt that He was present in the Masses in South Texas where corn tortillas were substituted for Communion wafers that I attended years ago. They were celebrated by validly ordained “Priests” and in one instance a Bishop. I also doubt that he was present at the Masses where the “Priests” intoned consecratory prayers to the four winds and the earth mother as I saw in Arizona at a Mission Chapel.

I never said Christ was present in the abomination we saw in that film. I just said it looked like hundreds of other Pauline Masses I’ve attended and it did. And yes it was more reverent than many of them.

Maybe they were referring to Eggs Benedict. You know, symbol of fertility, etc., etc., etc.

… There are just some things that just aren’t natural, this is one of them. Our Bishop Patricia? I wonder if maybe their Bishop is really Patrick. Meh, I’ll keep them in my prayers that they may get over their little dress up act.

Unfortunately, I hear that in my church at every Mass just as I hear “Glory to God in the highest and peace to ‘God’s’ not ‘his’ people on Earth” and no women are celebrating Mass.

Yes. Unfortunately, I’m feeling it close to home with one of my close friends. She that it’s her calling and wants to convert to be an Episcopal so that she can eventually become an Episcopal priest. I don’t understand at all and have been praying for her. She says this isn’t the reason, but she has gotten the whole equal rights and democratic ideas mixed up religion and faith. But at the same time, she laments having to leave the traditions of her rite (not Latin Rite). I’m at a loss, especially when at one time she wanted to become a nun. How this transformation came to be boggles my mind.

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