Look before you leap ?...i didn't "The Nun"


Impulsively saw THE NUN thur night & am now trying to forget it


And your problem is…


The trailors looked scary. Was It?


Apparently they had one with only a portrait to replace the others because the original ad was too scary on YouTube, and I was worried that there was going to be a jump scare.


It relied on EXCESS & the story line itself was over my head


Did it have a good ending?


That is how I was a few months ago with
the movie Hereditary. I didn’t do enough
research before I put down my money at the movie theatre. The whole movie was disturbing, but the ending was really disturbing.

Was the Nun disturbing, scary or anti-Catholic?


Trailers don’t look good, and I say that as a horror fan from way back.


I haven’t seen it, but there’s an article about it on BigPulpit written by a priest. Not anti-Catholic, but they supposedly get a lot wrong.


Okay. Thanks. I will see if I can find it on
Big Pulpit.


They failed to avoid a unneeded twist at the end


Scary enuf it was, quasi-Catholic it also was


Was it gory or creepy? Just don’t say what happens, I haven’t decided if I will watch it or not. Of course, now I know there is a twist at the end I will be trying to figure it


I have no desire to see a movie that depicts a consecrated woman of God as a monster/killer.


Yes, but it is fiction - make believe.


2.5 stars on Roger Ebert, 2 stars on Rotten Tomatoes. That is enough for me not to spend a dime.


It looks like a horror film.

From its ad I wouldn’t see it, I believe it’s just more gratuitous anti catholic sensationalism


HOPE IT BOMBS! Don’t need to have movies like that.


I couldn’t find the review on BigPulpit.
My first time to visit the site.

I saw Operation Finale the other night.
It was good.


In the movie’s defense, rotten tomatoes (in my experience) tends to rate low.

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