Look what I found this weekend!


Was at a flea market and spotted this great Our Lady of Guadalupe statue, about a little more than 4 ft tall. I guess it’s an outdoor statue, but it’s going to stay in the living room :smiley:

Got it for $100. Is that a good price? I’m thinking of going back and getting some more, haha.


JPUSC This is just gorgeous. Where are you going to put it inside your home. I once had the Pilgrim Statue in my living room, but sadly I could only keep it for a week. This is a real find.


It's very graceful and lovely. Wonder where they got it :) Has it been blessed?


The guy manufactures them in his factory and he's got lots more! I might get the Sacred Heart next. Really wanted St. Joseph too, but they don't make it in this size :(

It's right by the fireplace in the living room. Yes, we went to Mass afterwards and had the priest bless it! :D


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