Look Who I met:)

They had the Fullness of Truth conference here in Corpus Christi TX over the weekend. My mom and I both attended pretty much just to hear Fr. Mitch Pacwa. We watch him on EWTN all the time, so we were pretty exited that we got to meet him.
Heres a picture (thats my mom on the right, and thats me on the left).


lucky lucky you. ** Kesa seethes with envy ** He’s my favorite.

Nice. He always comes across as such a nice person.

On a more serious note: it’s not difficult to become a “celeb” these days - I don’t think it is a healthy development for Christians to be affected by it; there’s a mismatch between celebrity culture, which is short-lived & superficial; & the serious (not gloomy - serious) business which is the mission of the Church. :cool:

Thats all fine and dandy, but what has that got to do with meeting Fr. Pacwa?? I don’t look at him as a “celebrity”.

I know he’s on EWTN, but I just like him 'cause he is erudite and rather handsome in a Mr. Roger’s sort of way. I know what you mean though. Though, then again, my biggest celebrity, the one I go into screaming hysteria for… is my girlfiend. A " nobody" from " nowheresville" . :D:o

Hello Child of God,

It is awesome that you met Fr. Pacwa not because he has celebrity status or anything like that, but because he is generally a Good Man.

It is very Good that you are trying to be closer to Good People.

I think you are being a very good child of God.

Sounds like a nice conference that you went to.

Edmund O.

What a wonderful experience for you! I am glad you got to meet Father! :slight_smile:

I agree Child of God, I think it’s pretty cool to meet someone you admire. I got to meet Dr Scott Haun a couple years ago and he signed a book for me. I still look back on that as a happy memory.

Take Care and thanks for sharing. God Bless you and your Mom…

What struck me is seeing a young lady and her mom so excited about meeting such a wonderful priest as we have in Father Mitch Pacwa. Your Mother must be quite a woman.

There is HOPE!

Beautiful picture Child_of_God85.


He always gives such great homilies, especially when he puts things into historical perspective.

I’m not saying you are (we don’t know one another, after all) :slight_smile: - but it’s a trend, & (IMNSHO) not a healthy one.

I got a kick out of meeting and shaking hands with my Bishop. You might as well add me to the list.

Thank you! My mom is indeed a very special women. I admire her so much. Thanks again!

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