Looking at Baptism


Well, i’ll be starting RCIA this fall and coming into the full communion of the church next Spring. I have a question about Baptism. I’m LDS, so i know already that my Baptism won’t be valid since it was an LDS Baptism but another thing is on my mind as well, If you’re over a certain age, its your decision to be baptized and you don’t need permission from parents correct? Because i know for a fact that with how entrenched my family is as Mormons that they will never leave and of course they think i’m crazy for joining the Catholic community, that won’t stop me of course. Any clarification would be helpful. By the way, i’m already in college age wise, so thats a plus.


Well, certainly if you’re an adult already, you won’t need your parents’ approval to be baptised. I don’t know what the official age to ask to be baptised yourself is, but if you’re in college, it won’t be a problem.

That being said, I did RCIA last year and didn’t have the most supportive family members so I will pray for youl


I assume you are over the age of seven - that’s all you need, and as long as your parents can’t interfere with your life as a Catholic by preventing you from going to Mass (and since you’re in college, I assume you live separately from your parents, so they shouldn’t be able to influence or even know what goes on in your home on Sunday mornings). :slight_smile:


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