Looking at immodesty?

I am unclear over whether or not it is sinful to look at immodest clothing for the sake of the clothing, not the immodesty.

For example, I love to watch Project Runway. I love watching the creative design process and all the work that goes into making a beautiful original outfit. Obviously, the majority of the clothes produced there are immodest, since it is modern fashion and the judges tend to really stress sexiness. But it’s not about the sexiness to me. I love designing and sewing clothing, and I think it’s both interesting and helpful to see clothing designed by legitimate professionals.

Or, what about merely TV shows in which there is immodesty? For example one of my favorite shows is Once Upon a Time. If you’ve ever seen it, you’re probably familiar with the clothing that they dress their villains in. You’re not a real bad guy if you have more than 60% of your boobs covered up. It’s not like I watch the show for the purpose of seeing scantily clad women; I like the storyline, I like the plot, and I think that all the clothing, even the evil costumes, has wonderful artistic merit despite the severe cleavage. It’s a good show, but would you say that the immodesty ruins it?

I’m not trying to be scrupulous. I’m not sure if it comes off that way. But I’ve seen this discussed before and, well, I don’t know. It’s certainly impossible to get away from immodesty, but how far are we supposed to go to avoid it?

Immodesty is in the eyes of the beholder. I don’t think Project Runway is particularly immodest.

my wife loves project runway, maybe it’s okay for a woman (though i highly doubt it) but i try not to look. talk about the near occasion of sin.:eek: they also promote the homosexual lifestyle, which also is not a good idea.

another one is dancing with the stars. the trouble with these shows is that they try to desensitize people to inappropriate dress and behavior. of core, my wife knows how i feel, and one day during the homily, the visiting priest from africa says, ‘i love dancing with the stars!’:blush:

as for other television shows, yep, most of them are trash and should be avoided. jmo.:wink:

Not to derail…but my wife and I love Project Runway. Matter of fact, our whole family watches. I really like Tim Gunn. Evidently, his TV persona is the real him. A quality guy.

Look at the great classic sculptures/nudes… are these sinful?
I answer no, other people will answer yes. This is the same for your clothing… do you see the art, or do you see the lust.

For me, I can look at a great sculpture by a one of the old masters and what I see is the celebration of the beauty that God the Father gave us in creation of (wo)man (in scripture, we are very good). I see the skill of the artist that captures the ephemeral quality of the person captured in stone (or paint, ink, what have you).
For others, all they can see is the person’s “package” and the mammary and they cry foul and horror and cover their children’s eyes. Mom and Dad didn’t cover my eyes, the showed me the art. My Grandpa, a master mason, took me and showed me the line and grain of the stone, the lay of the chisel, where the master had had to make a slight adjustment for a fault in the stone. There was once, we accidentally crossed the ropes thru a gap in the stands, as grandpa was telling me all of this and two of the museum curators were caught-up in his discourse… only a grade school education, and he taught them about the stone work, the art, the soul of the sculpture that they had looked at for years and never saw (they’d seen, but not seen) they were originally going to ask us to step back - instead I got to do something few have, touch the stone and feel the master’s hand… if you can look upon something like this, see the art, see the creation, then the answer can not be something dark… only God creates the light.

Extend this to the people around you. I look at a beautiful woman walking down the street, I see the majesty of her creation of her beauty and her person - a testimony that God exists. Of course I see this in my wife, a child, a flower, and just about anything of beauty and I’ve been this way since I was a teenager and discovered that there was more to a girl than just sex.
Extend this to the world around you, and there is something beyond magic and beyond the mind…

It’s all in the eye of the beholder,I’v seen my step daughter go out in things I believe are not appropriate , but her mother says its just what young people wear,
What can I do about it ? Nothing,

my wife just found pretty woman. here we go again.:blush:

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